TBT Time! Who Was the Best Bachelor From Earlier in the Franchise?

bob guiney the bachelor smiling
The Bachelor via ABC

We've seen some pretty handsome Bachelor's in recent seasons, but no one compares to the OG Bachelor's from back in the day. These men truly carried the franchise on their backs, so we have to pay them the respect they deserve! Not to mention, does anyone else think men used to be way hotter back then than they are now?

In case you've forgotten some of these legendary Bachelor's, we've created a list of some of our favorites for you to revisit. We've included all the sexiest, smartest, and most chiseled jawlines that Bachelor Nation has ever seen.

Which Bachelor from earlier in the franchise was the absolute best? Help us rank them by voting for your favorites (and least favorites) now! You might be surprised to see how many other fans agree with you!

Brad Womack (Season 11 & 15)

The Bachelor via ABC

Brad Womack was a total jerk when we first met him, but he ended up not being so bad after all. Although he wasn't always the biggest gentleman, America goes crazy for a good redemption story. Not to mention, his jawline was hand-chiseled by the gods.

Lorenzo Borghese (Season 9)

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Lorenzo Borghese lived a lifestyle just as fancy as his name. With his season being in Rome, Borghese was constantly trying to woo his contestants with the finer things in life. It was lovely to see someone defy the shows expectations for a change.

Jake Pavelka (Season 14)

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As a sexy pilot with a dazzling smile, Jake Pavelka had plenty going for him before his season even began. Although his personality totally sucked, the contestants couldn't help but throw themselves at him. Sounds like the ideal Bachelor to us!

Byron Velvick (Season 6)

The Bachelor via ABC

Byron Velvick, being a professional bass fisherman, had everything in the world going for him. He was a total charmer who definitely stands out among others throughout Bachelor history.

Jesse Palmer (Season 5)

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Jesse Palmer was not only cute-- he was a total genius! Palmer had one of his female friends who was married (yes, you read that right) join as a contestant on the show to spy on the other women for him. We can't help but applaud him for this one!

Andrew Baldwin (Season 10)

The Bachelor via ABC

Andrew Baldwin was a doctor in the Navy, giving him major gentleman points. He had a way of making his dates feel like genuine interactions, whether they actually were or not. Maybe Baldwin was just a master manipulator. Either way, we loved him!

Bob Guiney (Season 4)

The Bachelor via ABC

Bob Guiney was a total goof who honestly had no business being on The Bachelor. However he had the most sex in Bachelor history, which definitely deserves some level of recognition.

Matt Grant (Season 12)

The Bachelor via ABC

Matt Grant was known as The British One on the show. There was no real shock that his level of charm and glamour had the contestants utterly hypnotized. Not to mention, who could forget that million dollar smile?