Who's Your Favorite Nightly News Anchor? Vote for Them Now!

david muir abc nightly news anchor
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Nightly news anchors have no easy job. Millions of Americans depend on news anchors from CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and ABC to deliver them relevant and correct news each night. Reporting definitely isn't easy, and not everyone does it right.

Of course, nightly news anchors get replaced and change over every so often. Only the best of the best have been able to hold their positions and remain on top.

Which nightly news anchor is your favorite? Not everyone can do the job right, and we need your help to sort through them. Go ahead and vote for your favorite (and least favorite) anchors, and check out if anyone else agrees with you!

Lester Holt

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Lester Holt offers a report of the day's major international and domestic news stories each weeknight on NBC Nightly News. This made him the first African-American to solo anchor a weekday network nightly newscast. He's also been the anchor for Dateline NBC since 2011.

Barbara Walters

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Walters first began her television career in the 1960s, continuing into the following decade in which she became a pioneer for women in broadcasting. Walters is known for having hosted a variety of television programs, including Today, The View, 20/20, and the ABC Evening News. Since retirement as a full-time host and contributor, she continued to occasionally report for ABC News through 2015.

Walter Cronkite

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Walter Cronkite was best known for his time spent as anchorman for the CBS Evening News for 19 years. In the 1960s and 1970s, he was often cited as "the most trusted man in America" after being so named in an opinion poll.

Diane Sawyer

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Diane Sawyer had been the former anchor of ABC News's nightly flagship program ABC World News. Additionally, she was a member of U.S. President Richard Nixon's White House staff earlier in her career.

Jeff Glor

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Jeff Glor in an American journalist who is the current anchor for CBS Evening News. He joined CBS News in 2007 as co-anchor, and later newsreader, on the Saturday Early Show. In 2009, he began to report for other broadcasts, including the CBS Evening News and CBS Sunday Morning, for which he won an Emmy.

Peter Jennings

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Peter Jennings was the sole anchor of ABC's World News Tonight from 1983 until his death in 2005. He began his career early, hosting a Canadian radio show at the age of nine. Despite dropping out of high school, he transformed himself into one of American television's most successful journalists.

David Muir

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David Muir has been the anchor of ABC World News Tonight since 2014. He is also the co-anchor of the ABC News magazine 20/20, part of the news department of the ABC broadcast-television network. Muir's accomplishments include winning multiple Emmy and Edward R. Murrow awards for his national and international journalism.

Brian Williams

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Brian Williams has been active in the industry since 1981. He's a journalist at NBC News, currently serving as an anchor on the cable network MSNBC and host of the network's nightly program, The 11th Hour with Brian Williams. He's also known for his ten years as anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News.

Rachel Maddow

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Rachel Maddow hosts a nightly television show, The Rachel Maddow Show, on MSNBC. Maddow is the first openly gay anchor to host a major prime-time news program in the United States. She holds a doctorate in politics from Oxford University.

Max Robinson

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Max Robinson was an ABC World News Tonight co-anchor from 1978 to 1983. He was also the first African-American broadcast network news anchor in the United States. Robinson was a founder of the National Association of Black Journalists