9 Movies Like Kissing Booth


9 Movies Like Kissing Booth

If you absolutely loved this one, there's plenty of movies like Kissing Booth that might just make you laugh and cry. Everyone knows high school drama is nothing but painless, and Kissing Booth does an amazing job of capturing it all up in a movie. Film's like "Candy Jar" and "Be Somebody" will keep you at the edge of your seat as drama and young romance continue to unfold. Although not every story has a happy ending, you'll definitely feel satisfied with these teenage comedies like you did at the end of Kissing Booth. Check out the 9 movies we've listed below that have you totally covered!

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1. Dude

Dude follows a group of high school students facing the reality and drama of entering the real world.

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2. Candy Jar

This Netflix Original movie tells the story of typical high school kids, rivalries, and romances.

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3. My Perfect Romance

An unlikely romance brings these two together as lovers and business partners.

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4. F The Prom

The former best friends find their way back to each other in order to expose how petty their peers are on prom night.

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5. High School Musical 3: Senior Year

High school can be stressful, but these kids are making their way through with song and dance.

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6. Be Somebody

A teen pop star escapes the stress of fame by going into hiding in a small town, sparking a bond with Emily, an art student.

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7. The First Time

The First Time tells the story of high school crushes and young love at its best.

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8. So Undercover

This movie follows an investigator who goes undercover at a sorority in order to solve an interesting case.

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9. #realityhigh

High school can be confusing, especially when your new boyfriend's ex wants to become your best friend.