The Most Devastating Disasters On Grey's Anatomy, Ranked By You

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Get ready to cry your eyes out while you relive these Grey's Anatomy disasters. If there's one thing we're always guaranteed with Grey's, it's that nothing will ever go as planned. What else could we expect from a hospital full of drama?

Some of the Grey's Anatomy disasters definitely cut deeper than others. This is especially true when one of our favorite characters dies or is abruptly removed from the series. We can blame Shonda Rhimes all we want, but we can't say we don't expect it.

Which of the Grey's disasters do you think were the most devastating? Let us know by voting for them now! You might just be surprised to see how many others agree with you.

Arizona And Callie's Car Crash

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We'll never forget the time we watched in horror as Arizona and Callie almost died in a car accident in season 7. What made it even worse was that Arizona had just proposed, and Callie was very pregnant.

The Ferry Crash

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Forget the fact that the ferry crash of season 3 was a huge disaster, what devastated us most was when Meredith almost drowned. What seemed like a suicide attempt by Meredith was thankfully cut short when Derek jumped into the water to save her.

The Ambulance Crash

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

In season 4, the doctors were forced to tend to an ambulance crash right outside of the hospital's doors. Unfortunately, not everyone survived the accident, allowing it to go down in history with the rest of the Grey's disasters.

The Superstorm

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

At the finale of season 9, just about everything that could've went wrong, did. A superstorm hit Seattle leaving the hospital in the dark, while leaving some of the doctors either badly injured or killed.

The Hospital Shooter

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

At the end of season 6, an armed shooter arrived at the hospital to kill those he believed were responsible for his wife's death. After hitting his main target, Derek, along with a few others, Grey's was never the same since this disaster.

Derek's Car Accident

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Derek's car accident in season 11 of Grey's Anatomy was one of the hardest pills to swallow. His car was T-boned, prompting him to be brought to a hospital that wasn't fully equipped to handle his trauma. He was left brain dead, and Meredith never got to say a proper goodbye.

The Plane Crash

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

In season 8, we watched at the doctors fought for their lives when their plane crashed in the middle of the woods. Unfortunately, not everyone made it out alive. It's safe to say that nothing around the hospital was ever the same since this disaster struck.

George's Bus Accident

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

This disaster all started at the end of season 5 when a mystery man jumped in front of a bus to save a stranger. It evolved into a real disaster when the doctors discovered that this man was George.

The Bomb

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

In season 2, a patient arrived to the hospital with a bomb in his chest. The real disaster began when Meredith wound up with her hand on the bomb. Although she made it out of the disaster alive, we can't say the same is true for everyone.