These Dame Judi Dench Quotes Are As Classy as the Woman Herself

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You might know her as M, but she's much more.

Inspiring Quotes By Judi Dench

Dame Judi Dench is the iconic English actress who sets the standards for the rest of the industry. These chic quotes by Dench demonstrate the high-class woman that she always has been, and always will be. Since her professional debut in 1957, she's become one of the most beloved TV and movie stars ever. Today, she continues to be a role model and inspire women everywhere.

Best known for her role as M in the James Bond films, we already know that Judi can be a total badass. She's played countless roles and been nominated for many awards throughout the years, even winning an Oscar. Dench has also performed in many plays by Shakespeare as well.

Check out these classy Judi Dench quotes that will encourage you to become unstoppable. This is one woman who has helped to pave the way for the rest of us, and we owe our gratitude to her!

Beautiful Judi Dench Quotes

  • "I don't think anybody can be told how to act. I think you can give advice. But you have to find your own way through it."

  • "I am so thrilled to be nominated for something I loved working on every single day."

  • "I would hate people to think bossy is all I can do."

  • "I have no control over a film. I don't know what will be left on the cutting floor."

  • "I just feel incredibly lucky to be employed when there are so many actors and actresses who are not employed. That's why, you know, I sometimes feel desperate, in case I'm not going to be cast again."

  • "In contrast, the control you have in a theatre is very attractive to me."

Beloved Judi Dench Quotes

  • "Michael died five years ago this January, and the first thing that really struck me about the script was the part about her peeling off from the funeral and just getting into a rowboat and having a real kind of cry where nobody was."

  • "The more I do, the more frightened I get. But that is essential. Otherwise why would I go on doing it?"

  • "It is true that there are few plays of Shakespeare that I haven't done."

  • "The thing about not reading scripts and my wanting a director to tell me a story is a risk I need to take. I need that real fear."

  • "I love being part of a company, and telling a story."

  • "I trained as a designer, so I'm always terribly keen about what I'm going to look like."

  • "I think you've got to have your feet planted firmly on the ground, especially in this business, and you must not believe things that are said or written about you, because everything gets out of proportion one way or the other."

Memorable Quotes By Judi Dench

  • "I don't think anybody can be told how to act. I think you can give advice. But you have to find your own way through it."

  • "I trained as a designer, so I'm always terribly keen about what I'm going to look like."

  • "I was in Yorkshire. We were a family of five and I used to be sent sometimes to get the rations for the week and I was easily able to carry them back. It was like one egg and a tiny bit of tea."

  • "Sometimes nudity is gratuitous. We just live in a society where everything goes."

  • "I think you should take your job seriously, but not yourself - that is the best combination."

  • "I've figured out what to do so far, but it's always the next thing you come to where the man with the bucket of ice cold water is waiting - whoosh! in your face. That's why you work with directors who know what to tell you to do."

  • "The theater is the thing I love doing most."

Our Favorite Judi Dench Quotes

  • "It is not good to cross the bridge before you get to it."

  • "The Lord Chamberlin was censoring scripts when I first came into the theater."

  • "People think you know beforehand when you win an Oscar - I can assure you you don't."

  • "Seriously, though, I think I never ceased to be grateful of the fact that I am able to do a job that I really love - I never got over that."

  • "Some things you know about, you know what the ingredients are - maybe not all of them. But it's up to you to put in the amount. It's up to the director to nag you until you get it right."

  • "It's incredibly moving to hear some of our greatest actors performing Shakespeare."

  • "Actually, what I miss are people corpsing on stage."

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