Understand Your Child's Love for Jojo Siwa by Reading These Quotes

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Keep your chin up.

Inspirational Jojo Siwa Quotes

When we're feeling hopeless, we can turn to these Jojo Siwa quotes to lift our spirits. This is especially true when others (as Jojo would say, haters!) are bringing us down. She reminds us that we have all of the power right inside of us to conquer the world!

Jojo shows us how to love ourselves with her inspiring quotes. As someone who's wise beyond her years, both you and your kids will find her words useful. She'll make you forget the haters even existed, how about that for encouragement?!

Check out our list of the best Jojo quotes to brighten your day. You might also find your next Instagram caption while you're at it!

Cute Jojo Siwa Quotes

  • "I think that is very important to me, that everyone loves everyone."

  • "I should be on Broadway. You have to sing, you have to dance, you have to speak well, and I'm good at all of those!"

  • "People call me energy in a bottle."

  • "When I plan ahead, I don't just plan what I'm doing tomorrow. I also plan what I'm doing five years from now."

  • "I would love to be a pop star!"

  • "I just want to make people happy and make a difference in people's lives."

  • "I tell myself I can't have off days."

Relatable Jojo Siwa Quotes

  • "Gonna live the dream like a candy queen."

  • "I don't really care about what they say, I'mma come back like a boomerang."

  • "I'm my own kind of girl."

  • "Hold the drama, I just wanna dance."

  • "Be yourself and have fun with your life."

  • "Siwanatorz are strong, confident and believe in themselves."

Valuable Quotes By Jojo Siwa

  • "There's always time to grow older. You can never grow younger."

  • "Anything can go wrong, but you can't think about it all the time. You have to enjoy every moment."

  • "I have something called 'Siwanators,' and if you're a Siwanator, you're strong. You're powerful. You stand up to the bullies. If you're a Siwanator, you're nice. And the way you can tell if someone is a Siwanator is if they have a JoJo bow in."

  • "Dancing and singing are the two things that have stuck with me throughout my life."

  • "Always have a black bow, a white bow, a rainbow bow - those bows will match literally just about everything!"

  • "It's a very hard goal. But, what I want is to tell people who are getting bullied to stand up to the bully and not let it be OK - tell a teacher, the principal, or your parents. I want people to stand up and to be confident."

Meaningful Jojo Siwa Quotes

  • "Honestly, it's hard to deal with the haters, but something that has helped me is not to focus on the haters and to focus on the nice people!"

  • "I just always wear bows. I always love bows, and it's always been my thing."

  • "I love doing YouTube. That's where my heart is, and so it makes me sad when I can't put a good, fun, energetic video out, because that's what I love to do - and that's my passion. And that's who I am."

  • "Everyone should just be kind to one another."

  • "I have experienced a lot of online bullying because I am homeschooled."

  • "I don't let the haters get their way."

Noteworthy Quotes By Jojo Siwa

  • "I don't think that people don't succeed; I think that it takes time! Everyone will have their time to shine!"

  • "I have been dyeing my hair since I was, like, two."

  • "I really love Meghan Trainor and how she does't care what people think about her."

  • "My thing with failure, just forget about it and get up and do it again."

  • "If there's someone getting picked on, be nice to them and be helpful to them."

  • "I feel everyone should feel empowered to live their best life."

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