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Jameela Jamil Quotes For Strength

Jameela Jamil keeps it real with her fans. These encouraging quotes give us a closer look into who she is behind the big screen and radio. She's a body positive activist who women everywhere can turn to for their daily dose of self-love.

She's suffered through diseases and hardships that she's shared with the world instead of hiding behind. Jameela's hope is that women can use her story as a point of inspiration in their own lives. Life is full of pain and setbacks, but that doesn't mean it's not worth living! This girl boss even survived a breast cancer scare at the age of 28.

Whether you've found yourself struggling lately, or are simply searching to lift your spirits, look no further than these Jameela Jamil quotes. You'll be reminded that life is short and anything is possible!

Uplifting Jameela Jamil Quotes

  • "For me, growing up felt like a roller coaster ride at times, but looking back, I don't think that it was such a bad thing. It was all part of the excitement of being young."

  • "Surround yourself with people and things that inspire you. Learn everything you can."

  • "If you're in the public eye, you're constantly scrutinized. I was called too thin and then too fat when I was overweight. It's just a shame those are the reactions people have."

  • "Every twist and turn in life is an opportunity to learn something new about yourself, your interests, your talents, and how to set and then achieve goals."

  • "I knew it was right to make time for myself to have adventures and fulfill dreams."

  • "I get particularly depressed by the way teenagers are portrayed in the media. They are massively underestimated. They are bright, intelligent people who are given less and less opportunity. They are an ignored generation."

  • "More women need to stick together."

  • "I suffered a lot of setbacks when I started; I didn't have any work experience and no real confidence to go after the career that I knew in the back of my mind I really wanted. It affected my confidence as knock-back after knock-back left me feeling like I might never succeed."

Jameela Jamila Quotes For Self-Confidence

  • "I wanted to be a part of telling women there is no segregation. There is no need to ever not feel beautiful or glamorous. There should be nothing that gets in your way."

  • "With a doughnut in each hand, anything is possible."

  • "If you want someone, you have to be willing to wait for them and trust that what you have is real and strong enough for them to wait for you. If somebody jumps ship for you, that fact will always haunt you because you'll know they're light on their feet. Spare yourself the paranoia and the pain and walk away until the coast is clear."

  • "At no point in my thirty years have I ever felt truly represented by the fashion industry."

  • "I was born partially deaf and suffered from labyrinthitis, which affected my balance. I had numerous ear infections and spent my childhood in and out of hospital having operations."

  • "I think compassion is the only way to approach any subject, especially if it's to do with physical appearance. I don't think it's really about tearing something apart."

  • "I've always been passionate about the concept of helping the underdog. It just doesn't make sense to me as to what kind of person would take a huge platform and not use it to do something, to change something, to help people."

  • "The concept of plus-size is so derogatory and weird. What does that mean? Plus the normal size? It shouldn't exist any more."

Inspiring Jameela Jamila Quotes

  • "If you have time to get your pet rabbit its own Instagram account, you have time to at least tweet about something important."

  • "With the arrogance of youth, I thought, 'I don't drink, don't smoke, I don't do drugs, so why would I get cancer?' The week I spent waiting for the result of the biopsy to see if it was malignant felt like the longest of my life."

  • "Something I can't stress enough is the massive importance of work experience. It's the only way to find out what work is really like when you're figuring out what path to take and to get an understanding of what it takes to achieve your career ambitions."

  • "We really shouldn't be putting a label on size. Fashion is for all, and I think confidence and happiness is more important than dress labels."

  • "We are genuinely in a world that criticizes women even when they are going through the biggest physical challenge of their life: pregnancy."

  • "The doctor said, 'You have a lump on your breast'. Hearing those words was a reminder, a kick up the bum if you like, telling me that life is very unpredictable."

  • "Shaming people isn't productive. That makes you feel bad about yourself."

  • "I had to learn to accept myself despite the fact that I was seriously underweight. I had to try and feel sexy."

Words Of Encouragement From Jameela Jamil

  • "It might seem a psychotic, insane thing, quitting a job after I'd built a great career over eight years, but it was a wake-up call. All too often we ignore those, forget that we don't know how long we're here for and that we need to make the most of every moment."

  • "Restaurants don't cater properly for celiac sufferers, and neither do supermarkets."

  • "When I stepped into the industry, I was dealt this bizarre persona of being this sarcastic fashionista 'it girl' who is friends with loads of celebrities. That couldn't be further from the truth."

  • "Women's bodies have always been used as a spectacle and objectified."

  • "I'm not trying to prove myself, and I'm not trying to shock anyone."

  • "You see the music videos and the bling and the cars, but all of that goes home at the end of the shoot. They make nothing because there's less and less money in the music industry."

  • "I've been amazingly lucky, and believe me, I don't take anything for granted."

  • "I've had versions of disability my whole life, first with my hearing and then when I couldn't walk for over a year."

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