If The Signs Were TV Characters

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All of your favorite TV characters can be matched perfectly to the Zodiac signs.

1. Aries


If Aries was a TV character, it would be Carol Peletier from The Walking Dead. Aries are naturally energetic, heroic, and caring. Carol has gone beyond demonstrating these qualities by risking her life time after time to save her people. Carol comes off as a true hero when she pops a zombie in the head with just one shot.

2. Taurus


If Taurus was a TV character, it would definitely be Olivia Pope from Scandal. The Taurus demonstrates a remarkable amount of patience in the most stressful situations. For Olivia, all her life consists of is stress. However, Olivia almost always keeps her cool at the most challenging times, and never fails to formulate a plan.

3. Gemini


If Gemini was a TV character, you can count on it being Monica from friends. The Gemini is fascinating, charming, and adventurous. Monica's easygoing personality, and her ability to make people laugh, make her the most charming woman on the show. All Monica really has to do to win you over is flash a smile!

4. Cancer


If Cancer was a TV character, it would be Meredith Grey. A Cancer is very nurturing, and always willing to extend a helping hand. As a doctor as well as a mother, Meredith truly embodies these staple traits of a Cancer. A Cancer is also known to be very patient, something Meredith is obviously skilled at-- standing countless hours in an operating room.

5. Leo


If Leo was a TV character, it would definitely be Annalise Keating. A Leo demonstrates a naturally protective attitude, especially of those who they feel need to be looked out for. Annalise has and always will be the ultimate guardian of her students. Even when she found out they were responsible for her husband's death, she went above and beyond to ensure their safety and reputation.

6. Virgo


If Virgo was a TV character, it would be Carrie Mathison. A Virgo is hardworking, resourceful, and dedicated. Carries has demonstrated all of these qualities as she refuses to give up her obsession with her search for the truth. It may seem excessive at times, but this dedication is what brings her to success with almost all of her leads.

7. Libra


If Libra was a TV character, it would be Penelope Garcia from Criminal Minds. A Libra is lovable, sincere, and a hopeless romantic. Penelope chooses to only see the good in every situation, even the through all the horrible things she sees on her computer screen all day. It's almost impossible not to love her.

8. Scorpio


If Scorpio was a TV character, there is no doubt it would be Leslie Knope from Parks and Rec. A Scorpio is brave, passionate, and loyal. Leslie's passion for her people is what allowed her to take a position in her city. With her brave attitude, she even hopes to take the position as president one day. Leslie embodies the undeniable qualities of a Scorpio.

9. Sagittarius


If Sagittarius was a TV character, it would definitely been Elizabeth Keen from Blacklist. A Sagittarius is fair-minded, optimistic, and enthusiastic. Elizabeth is so passionate about her job that she can't escape it-- even at home. Her position as a federal agent forces her to keep an open, fair mind about all situations she is presented with. Even under pressure, she has the positive attitude to get the job done every time.

10. Capricorn


If Capricorn was a TV character, it would be Poussey from Orange is the New Black. A Capricorn is loyal, fearless, and devoted. There is nothing a Capricorn wouldn't do for someone they love. Although Possey puts on a tough act behind bars, she will always defend her people. When she does not agree with something, she is not afraid to make her voice heard by all.

11. Aquarius


If Aquarius was a TV character, it would definitely be Serena van der Woodson from Gossip Girl. An Aquarius is logical, communicative, and open-minded. Serena is a genius when it comes to school, but she also seems to know how the world around her works. She is always learning new things and loves to hear what different people have to contribute.

12. Pisces


If Pisces was a TV character, it would be Eleven from Stranger Things. A Pisces is wise, comforting, and imaginative. Although she is young, Eleven is wise far beyond her years. Besides her supernatural abilities, her human qualities really show through when she uses her imagination to fight herself out of dangerous situations.