Predict How Grey's Anatomy Will End for Good!

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How Will Grey's Anatomy End According to Fans

As much as we hate to admit it, we all know this day will come: the ending to Grey's Anatomy. All good things come to an end. There are literally a million ways the show could be brought to a close, and there's been plenty of guesses. So, how will Grey's Anatomy end?

Well, how close really to the end of Grey's Anatomy are we? Ellen Pompeo has recently expressed concern as to how the show will end, making it seem all that much more realistic. The show is about to dive into its fifteenth season, making it ABC's longest-running prime-time television series. Although we have an entire season of drama to look forward to, we can still use our imagination.

So if Grey's Anatomy is really coming to an end, what's going to happen? We're really hoping for a happy ending, but you can't expect much of that from Shonda Rhimes. Some fan theories regarding the ending of Grey's are pretty extreme, but others we can definitely get on board with. We've compiled some of the most popular theories about the ending of Grey's, and you can pick which ones sound most likely to happen.

There's plenty of ideas being bounced around in the Grey's Anatomy fan community, but no one really knows what's going down. We think we have some pretty good guesses liked up, but what do we know? We wouldn't be surprised if Rhimes had no clue herself about the ending.

So, vote for your favorite potential ending and let us know if you have a better theory! We would love to hear them!

Zola In Meredith's Shoes

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Many fans believe Grey's might come full circle in the end. According to this theory, the show will end with Zola beginning the first day of her internship at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. The current chief of surgery would be Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo).

Meredith's Alzheimer's

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Some fans think that the ending of Grey's will reveal that everyone has been a figment of Meredith's Alzheimer's. Nothing and no one on the show was actually real, but Meredith sure thought they were.

Meredith's Diary

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

On a lighter note, there's always the possibility that everything we've seen on the show is a representation of Meredith's writing. Like her mother, Meredith might have kept a journal all those years she spent at the hospital, and someone like Zola might have found it and shared it.

Everything Since Derek's Death Is A Dream

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

This one might throw you off a bit. Some Grey's fans believe that everything we've seen since Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) died has been dreamed by Meredith. Don't you agree that the events since then have been very bizarre?

Meredith Cures Alzheimer's

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

A big factor in Grey's Anatomy since the beginning has been Alzheimer's disease. Meredith's mother, Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) suffered from it severely leading up to her death. Derek even ran an Alzheimer's trial in hopes to finding a cure himself. And of course, there's always the fear that Meredith will develop the disease, being that it's hereditary. In the end, it would be interesting to see Meredith have found a cure!

A Tornado Hits

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

This fan theory is rather morbid, to say in the least. Some people believe that in the finale of Grey's, a massive tornado will hit the hospital, with everyone in it. All of the doctors will die in the tornado, and the show will end because no one will be left. This one is terrifying!

The Hospital Is Purgatory

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

This theory suggests that in the end, it will be revealed that Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital is nothing more than purgatory. All of the patients entering the hospital are already dead, and awaiting there final resting place. If the doctors are able to save their "life" they will then move onto heaven.