Do You Love These HGTV Stars? Rank Your Favorites Now!

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The HGTV network practically has a cult following amongst Americans. Something about watching hopeless and rundown homes completely turn around into desirable places to live is just a little too fascinating. Along the way, we've become attached to some of the home improvement and real estate kings and queens.

Which HGTV stars make you feel like you can do anything you put your mind do? After watching what these people can do, you'll be feeling a whole new drive you didn't know you had in you! We've listed some of our most beloved HGTV stars for you to vote on. Tell us who you love (and don't love) so we get the real ranking!

  • Joanna Gaines

    Community Score: 15
    via Instagram: @joannagaines

    Joanna Gaines, along with her husband, Chip operate a remodeling and design business in Waco, Texas. Joanna is the lead designer in Fixer Upper, which details the process by which the couple renovate and remodel homes that initially appear to be hopeless.

  • Jonathan Scott

    Community Score: 13
    via Instagram: @mrsilverscott

    Jonathan Scott is the co-host of the TV series Property Brothers, as well as the program's spin-offs Buying and Selling, Brother Vs. Brother, and Property Brothers: At Home. Scott has taken over HGTV by storm, and the viewers are here for it.

  • Chip Gaines

    Community Score: 8
    via Instagram: @chipgaines

    Chip Gaines is the co-host of Fixer Upper, in which he manages the construction and reality side of his business with Joanna, Magnolia Homes. He prides himself on revealing homes as the beautiful structures they were always intended to be.

  • Drew Scott

    Community Score: 7
    via Instagram: @mrdrewscott

    Jonathan's brother, Drew Scott is also a Property Brothers star. He plays the role of the intelligent realtor on the HGTV home renovation program.

  • Hilary Farr

    Community Score: 1
    via Instagram: @hilary_farr

    Hilary Farr is a Canadian home designer, known for her role as the co-host of HGTV's Love it or List it. She is also the president of Hilary Farr's designs, which has touched down in both Toronto and New York City.

  • Nicole Curtis

    Community Score: -1
    via Instagram: @detroitdesign

    Nicole Curtis hosts Rehab Addict, a TV program documenting nearly impossible home renovations. She is known for her advocacy for the preservation and restoration of existing architecture, rather than total demolition.

  • Christina Anstead

    Community Score: -5
    via Instagram: @christinaanstead

    Formerly Christina El Moussa, Christina Anstead is an American real estate investor who co-stars in HGTV's Flip or Flip. She's a successful "house flipper" who is able to salvage even the most wretched homes.