Kim Raver Spills the Tea on Teddy & Owen in Grey's Anatomy Season 15

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Grey's Anatomy on ABC

Season 15 promises to bring us lots of drama, starting with Teddy and Owen!

Teddy and Owen in Grey's Anatomy Season 1

With Teddy Altman's (Kim Raver) return to Grey's Anatomy we're not surprised to learn that major drama will unfold in the hospital. So, what's coming for Teddy and Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) in the new season? We've got some insane Grey's Anatomy season 15 spoilers about Teddy's storyline, brought to you by Raver herself.

It's finally been confirmed that her baby is definitely Owen's, not that this is news to anyone. We've always been rooting for Teddy and Owen, so what could possibly go wrong here? 

Don't forget that Amelia Shepherd (Caterina Scorsone) isn't totally out of the picture. And if there's one thing Amelia can't stay away from, it's drama. Raver gives fans some of her own insight into how this love triangle will unfold, and we know it'll be juicy.

What Happened Between Teddy and Owen?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

When Teddy was first introduced to Grey's Anatomy as Owen's old friend from the military, we couldn't help but think they had a romantic history together. 

However, nothing exciting really surfaced between the two. At the time Owen was involved with Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh), whom he gave Teddy to as a cardio mentor.

Flash forward to this past season, when Owen flew to Germany to see Teddy. Owen informed her that he and Amelia were finally done for good, and that nothing stood between them anymore. 

The two finally had their chance to pursue the long awaited tension between them. I don't know about you, but it was about time! Teddy looks way better with Owen than Amelia, plus she's definitely not nearly as crazy.

What Happened to Owen and Amelia?

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

The love story of Owen and Amelia has been a rocky one. The two seemed great together at times, and at others we feared for their lives when they were in the same room. 

Ultimately, with the return of Owen's sister and the discovery of Amelia's brain tumor, the couple decided it was time to call it quits. It was actually heartbreaking when Amelia felt she wasn't even the same person anymore without her tumor, realizing that her and Owen shouldn't be together.

But things aren't really every over between Owen and Amelia, that's just how Grey's likes to operate. That would be way too easy on everyone! The two even help care for a foster child who has an addict mother together – how cute!

Will Teddy and Owen Get Together in Grey's Anatomy Season 15? What About Owen and Amelia?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

With the start of season 15, Owen surely has unfinished business with both Teddy and Amelia. 

According to Raver, the romance between Owen and Teddy will face the huge obstacle that is Amelia Shepherd. 

She reminds us that Teddy's return will be nothing short of complex, but fun at the same time. 

"What I love about how [Teddy] is coming back again is it's complex," Raver said. "Life is not simple, and that's the fun of Grey's." 

What's a good Grey's Anatomy romance without some turmoil? We're excited to see what this new season will hold for everyone on the show, especially Teddy and Owen. September 27th can't come soon enough!