Camilla Luddington Shares Steamy News for Grey's Anatomy Season 15

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Camilla Luddington spills everything you need to know about the new Ortho God joining the show.

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Spoilers: Camilla Luddington Shares Some Steamy News

Camilla Luddington spills some major Grey's Anatomy tea recently to Us Weekly. There's exciting news for the development of Jo Wilson's character, as well as a hot new addition to the cast. Jo will be making big career moves, and will also move forward in her relationship with Alex Karev (Justin Chambers). We have the bar set pretty high already, afterall, it's been confirmed that this is the "season of love". So, let's sit back and see what's coming. Are you ready for these Grey's Anatomy season 15 spoilers?

Luddington Talks About The New Ortho God

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Luddington gives fans all the details on the hospital's new sexy Ortho God that we can't help but rave over.

"We have a new Ortho God. Have you heard about him? We're bringing the sexy this season," Luddington told Us. "Finally, some new eye candy! This season's really fun. Interns are all back and they bring a lot of comedy right off the bat. And yes, we have sexy new men starting so the vibe is really fun but there is drama that happens right off the bat."

Chris Carmack will be joining the cast in the upcoming season as the Ortho God. He's charming, sexy, and a total genius. Luddington promises he won't disappoint, "He's super charming and everyone's gonna fall madly in love with him."

With the addition of a new man, this could open doors for all kinda of romance. Maybe this will even be the one for Meredith! Either way, we're excited to see exactly how Carmack's character will fall into place.

Luddington Speaks On Jo's Future

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

So far, we've only gotten good news from Luddington on Jo. There's been some talk that Jo will find her surgical specialty in season 15, and we're really hoping it's true.

What we do know for sure is what Luddington told Us.

"Jo and Alex are on their honeymoon in episode one, and Jo actually gets inspired and believes she may come up with a new medical innovation," Luddington said.

Whatever this might be, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) will also be in the picture.

"She feels like the person she would love to pursue with, because she loved doing things with her, is Meredith," Luddington said. "So now she has to go back to Seattle and convince them to kind of do this with her." It will be interesting to see this dynamic between Jo and Meredith play out.

Luddington also tells us that she's hopeful for Jo and Alex's relationship. She says, "They're affectionate with each other, they're cheeky with each other, they're playful. That's what I love about them. There's so much love and support there." We're obviously team Jolex, and couldn't be more excited for them.

Tune into the season 15 premiere of Grey's Anatomy on Thursday, September 27th at 8/7c on ABC. We can't wait for this new season to unfold!