[SPOILER] Returns to Grey's Anatomy for Meredith Grey


Season 15 of Grey's Anatomy promises to bring back and old face you probably forgot about! Think you can guess who it might be?

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Season 15 spoilers have already promised we'd be seeing old faces return. It's been so long since we first saw Thatcher Grey (Jeff Perry) show up at the hospital in season 2, and rumors have confirmed that he's coming back! If you haven't forgotten what happened the last time we saw him, you might be dreading this news. Either way, we always look forward to exciting new at the hospital.

Where Did We Leave Off With Thatcher Grey?

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It's not hard to forget the time Meredith Grey's (Ellen Pompeo) own father, Thatcher slapped her in the face and blamed her for the death of his wife, Susan Grey (Mare Winningham). 

He first arrived at the hospital with Susan in an attempt to cure a bad case of the hiccups, but things went terribly wrong. Susan encountered an extremely rare complication from a routine procedure, causing her unexpected death. 

Thatcher was obviously heartbroken but blaming his own daughter is a bit harsh, even for Grey's Anatomy. Not to mention he literally abandoned her as a father.

Fast forward to season 7, the last time any of us encountered Thatcher. He showed up to the hospital complaining of stomach pains, while Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh) is going ballistic on him for not calling her. 

Things get totally weird when he introduces a young woman covered in tattoos as his new girlfriend. She practically looked Lexies age... gross! But as we know, anything goes on Grey's, so unlike Lexie we let it slide. It turns out they met in AA while Thatcher was recovering from alcoholism, sounds like a match made in heaven to me!

Following this fun little incident, we haven't really seen or heard from Thatcher. After Lexie died in the plane crash, and given the fact that he and Meredith don't get along too well, there hasn't been much reason for his return.

Why is Thatcher Returning in Season 15?

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According to EW, it's been confirmed that Thatcher will be a part of Grey's Anatomy's "Season of Love"

It's unclear what his role will be, and how much air time his character will get. We're hoping to learn of more spoilers before the season officially begins, but for now all we can do is wonder.

We are definitely wondering what type of interaction Meredith and Thatcher might have. It'll be our first time seeing Thatcher since Lexie passed away, we wouldn't be surprised if his attitude toward Meredith has changed for the better. However, that doesn't mean her feelings toward him will be any different.

EW is also filling us in a bit more about what will be in store for Meredith, besides the return of her father. After a ton of uncertainty, it seems like Meredith will be finding love, or at least trying. 

Pompeo tells EW, "Meredith is gonna date, date, date, date, date, just like my friends who are ready to jump back into the dating world do". 

So she's definitely going to be seeking a new bae, we just have to wait and see if anyone catches her eye!

Tune Into Season 15 Of Grey's Anatomy

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The only way to know what's really going on with Thatcher's return will be to tune into this upcoming season. ABC will premiere season 15 of Grey's Anatomy on Thursday, September 27 8/7c.