Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Guest Stars We Want to See, Ranked

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Guest Stars We Want to See, Ranked

Don't get me wrong, we love our regulars, but the Grey's Anatomy guest stars can be just as exciting! If a patient ever comes into the hospital and you're wondering why they look so familiar, it's probably because you've seen them in your favorite movie or T.V. show. Oh and we're not just talking patients here, plenty of guest star doctors brought into the hospital happen to be some of our favorite actors/actresses as well.

We've already gotten some great spoilers for season 15. Unfortunately, we probably won't be tipped off on any guest stars just yet. We had a little fun with it and put out our wish list of season 15 guest stars we would die to see on Grey's Anatomy. This list contains both past guest stars we just didn't get enough of, and our favorite celebs who we think would look hot in scrubs or a hospital bed.

Since we already know that this upcoming season will be themed "The Season of Love", it'd really spice things up to bring some of these guests in for a mini romance. Either way, this new season is sure to bring fans plenty of new and old faces that we didn't know we needed. Check out our complete wish list ranking of guest stars we want to see in season 15.

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Millie Bobby Brown

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Before she was Eleven in Stranger Things, Millie Bobbie Brown played a young ruby on Grey's Anatomy. She was the little girl who Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) coached on the phone in efforts to save her mother's life. Now that Brown has really made a name for herself, we would love to see her appear on Grey's again!

Emma Stone

Gregg Deguire

Everyone loves Emma Stone, the green eye red hair goddess. You may not have heard of her until she landed the lead role in the film Easy A, but she's been on fire ever since. Stone is definitely known for playing the drama queen, which sounds like a perfect fit for Grey's!

Sarah Paulson

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Sarah Paulson showed up on Grey's during a flashback of a young Ellis Grey. Although Ellis passed away a while back, we wouldn't mind seeing her in some more flashbacks to fill in pieces of Meredith Grey's (Ellen Pompeo) past. If we're lucky we might even get some more action with a young Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) in there!

Jake Gyllenhaal


If there's one thing Grey's always does right, it's bring in sexy male doctors for us to drool over. We'll never forget the originals, McDreamy and McSteamy (may they rest in peace). Bringing in Jake Gyllenhaal for a guest doctor appearance would be legendary.

Abigail Breslin

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

Abigail Breslin played Megan Clover, a young girl who couldn't feel any pain. This wasn't clear at first, Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) had to examine Megan and run multiple tests before he figured out what was going on. Breslin was totally adorable when she was younger, it would be interesting to see her come back to the hospital as a grown woman to visit Alex!

Mila Kunis

Ian West/PA Wire

From the days of That '70s Show to lead roles in films, Mila Kunis has always killed the acting game. Not to mention, she's drop dead gorgeous-- talk about a girl crush! Grey's Anatomy would be honored to have her walk the halls of Grey Sloan, perhaps as a visiting doctor in season 15. We can only dream for now!

Katie Lowes

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

If you're a scandal fan, you know exactly why we might want to see Katie Lowes back on Grey's for another guest appearance. One time just wasn't enough! Plus, we love seeing Shonda Rhimes' actors and actresses bounce between her shows, it makes us feel like we're in on something.

Scott Speedmen

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

It's pretty obvious why we want to see season 14's guest star Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) back for another appearance on Grey's. He and Meredith really hit it off in the short time they spent together, and we're dying to know if they have any type of future together. Bringing Speedman back onto Grey's would be a power move.

James Franco

Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

We think James Franco would make a great addition as a guest star on Grey's. No, it's not just because he's drop dead gorgeous. Franco is a talented actor who can adapt to any setting. Since we now know season 15 is themed around love, he might be perfect for a quick romance!

Zach Gilford

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Remember the guy that convinced Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) to amputate his perfectly healthy leg so he could return to his service in the U.S. Army? Zach Gilford is also known for his role in the series Friday Night Lights. We didn't really understand him, but we did like him! Having Gilford return to Grey's for a bit of an update on him wouldn't be a bad idea.