10 Thoughts We Had On Tonight's Episode Of Grey's Anatomy!


Here's our recap of Grey's Anatomy season 14 episode 11: "(Don't Fear) The Reaper."

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 11 Recap: (Don't Fear) The Reaper


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Tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy really had us on the edge of our seats! Drama at the hospital is nothing new, but nothing hits home like when one of the doctors becomes a patient. While we were glad to have a Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson) centered episode, we were terrified from beginning to end. Check out these ten thoughts we had on tonight's episode with our recap of Grey's Anatomy season 14 episode 11. You probably had the same ones!

Not Doctor Bailey!


Nothing makes us more nervous when one of the doctors is hurt, especially Dr. Bailey who's been with us since day one. Once she checks herself into Seattle Presbytyrian, she takes control like a total badass. Dr. Maxwell better get his stuff together before Bailey puts him in his place!

Has Bailey Gone Crazy?


We know shes a total medical genius-- she's the chief of surgery! When she starts to sound a little crazier than usual, maybe seeing the psychiatrist is a good idea! Either way, we just want her to make it out of this episode alive!

Bailey's Mom Is Breaking Our Heart


First she won't let her ride her bike without training wheels, then she can't even be happy for her to get into her top college! Poor Bailey worked so hard and can't even get a congratulations from her own mother. It's heartbreaking to see Bailey, the most selfless character on the show be put down.

Maggie Needs To Get There Fast!


At these point, we love Dr. Bailey, but we just don't know what to think! Is she really having a heart attack or is her mental health getting the best of her? Cardio goddess Maggie just needs to get to Seattle Pres already to give us some peace of mind!

The Tables Have Really Turned!


Dr. Bailey looks so out of place on the table in the OR! Usually she's the one up on her feet in the scrubs, now she's being pumped with laughing gas on the table. It's definitely strange, but we're glad to see her finally get the treatment she needs!

Bailey Had A Sister!


We feel a little bad about rooting for Dr. Bailey against her mother when she doesn't want her to go off to school. But who could blame the poor woman? She already lost one daughter! The impact of this new information from Bailey's past is all starting to make sense now.

Bailey Was Right!


If Dr. Maxwell would've just done that darn cardiac stress test we wouldn't have any of these problems! If Bailey was at Grey Sloan Memorial none of this would have happened! They better step aside and let Maggie do her job before it's too late!

Webber Saved The Day... Again


Good thing Webber was there to talk some sense into Dr. Maxwell! Webber knows everything-- he knew something was seriously wrong when Bailey called in sick. Now it's time for everyone to step aside and let Maggie do what she does best, fix hearts!

Ben Is Finally On His Way!


It's about time they finally call Ben! Bailey didn't want to worry him, but her husband needs to know what's going on! No matter how much you don't want to worry your loved ones, it always makes you feel better to have them by your side!

We Almost Lost Her!


For a moment we really thought we lost Bailey in surgery. Shonda seems like she loves to break our hearts! Thankfully, she made it through and actually called her mom to remind her even though she was hurt, she would be okay. That part really got to us.


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