Grey's Anatomy's BIGGEST Tragedies, Ranked By You

Meredith Grey drowning in water, grey's anatomy
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One thing we are always promised on Grey's Anatomy is that there will be tragedy. Patients will die, doctors will die, and people will suffer. We hate to love it-- it's almost like a guilty pleasure. There's nothing more exciting than the moments leading up to the possible death of a patient on the operating table.

Although Grey's has brought us some great memories, we tend to remember it most for the bad ones. Some of the most iconic tragedies in the history of Grey's were when we lost our beloved doctors. Those moments will never be forgotten, no matter how much time passes.

Which tragedies do you think were biggest? We've created a list of the most horrific Grey's tragedies and accidents, allowing you to rank them.

Meredith Almost Drowning

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

While trying to save those injured in a ferry boat crash, Meredith herself falls into the water. She doesn't seem to make much effort to swim, causing her to nearly drown. It's a good thing Derek was there to save her!

George's Bus Accident

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When an unidentifiable patient is brought to the hospital after being hit by a bus, the doctors don't realize what they're in for. Meredith later discovers that the mystery patient is George, and he dies soon after.

The Ambulance Crash

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

In season 4, an ambulance is involved in a terrible accident. The accident leaves two paramedics severely wounded, and the patient on the way to the hospital dead.

The Hospital Shooting

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

You can definitely argue that the shooting at Seattle Grace Mercy West was the greatest tragedy in Grey's history. Some of the doctors were killed while Alex and Derek had just barely survived.

The Plane Crash

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

This one was a total heartbreaker. A plane went down while six of the Grey's doctors were aboard it on the way to another hospital. Mark and Lexie died, while Arizona lost a leg and Derek was badly injured.

The Sinkhole

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

When a sinkhole develops out of no where in the city, a couple in their car become trapped. In order to get out alive, the woman's leg had to be amputated by her husband. Owen finally shows up and saves the day to assist in the amputation.

The Power Outage

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

In the season 9 finale, a raging storm causes a power outage at the hospital. Meanwhile, a nearby bus explosion has patients flooding to the hospital, and Meredith is in need of an emergency C-section.

The Cyberattack

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

The doctors are deprived of all technology in a terrifying cyberattack when a hacker takes down the hospital's monitors, phones, labs, and patient files. Dr. Bailey and Jackson are the ones resolving the issue.

Derek's Car Accident

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

After pulling over and helping people he saw were involved in a bad car accident, Derek finally gets back on the road. However, following this incident his car is t-boned by a semi-truck, sending his straight to the hospital. The accident eventually causes his death.

Callie And Arizona's Car Accident

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Immediately after Arizona asks Callie to marry her, the two are involved in a tragic car accident. The most horrifying part is that Callie was pregnant.

The Bomb

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

When a patient arrives to the hospital with an active bomb inside of him, Meredith is tasked with removing it. Although she survives the incident and removes the bomb, Kyle, the bomb-squad member is killed when it explodes in his hands.

When Denny Dies

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

The tragedy of Denny's death isn't taken well by anyone at the hospital, especially Izzie. The worst part about it is that she technically killed him by cutting his LVAD wire.

When Henry Dies

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Teddy's husband, Henry dies in surgery while Cristina was operating on him. Teddy gave Cristina such a hard time about it, although Cristina wasn't even aware who the patient was.

Izzie Develops Cancer

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

The entire hospital is taken by surprise when word spreads that Izzie has brain cancer. The whole situation is a wild rollercoaster, in which she experiences intense hallucinations and aggressive treatments.

When Jackson And April's Baby Dies

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Although Jackson and Avery knew their baby wouldn't make it, they opted to give birth to him. We watched as the baby died in April's arms.