8 Fun DIY Ideas To Literally Make Mother's Day Gifts Easy This Year

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If there's one thing moms love, it's a handmade gift.

Best DIY Mother's Day Gifts

DIY crafts are a great way to give gifts without breaking your budget. Plus, who doesn't love receiving a handmade present? These DIY Mother's Day gifts are perfect for the most important woman in your life.

Let's be real, there's nothing your mom wants more than something that you've made from scratch. You can't put a price on a homemade gift from the heart. Give your mom the gift of love with any of these DIY crafts. Not to mention, you'll have a ball learning a new craft while you're stuck in quarantine!

1. Marbled Clay Ring Dish

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Read the tutorial, here!

These colorful, dainty ring trays are the perfect way to help your mom organize her jewelry. They're fun to make and you can even design one for yourself while you're at it. Since the outcome is never the same, each tray will be unique and special.

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2. Colorful Luggage Tags

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Read the tutorial, here!

These customizable luggage tags can be painted any way you think your mom would like. This simple yet thoughtful gift will remind your mom how much you love her when she's finally on the road again. Plus, this DIY craft is super quick and easy to accomplish.

Shop luggage tags.

3. Herb Garden

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Read the tutorial, here!

This DIY herb garden will make all your mom's favorite herbs more accessible than ever. Plus, the adorable planter makes a great piece of kitchen decor for a modern farmhouse look. Every time your mom cooks a delicious meal or makes a fancy cocktail, she'll be reminded of how much you love her.

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4. Agate Coasters

via Making Lemonade

Read the tutorial, here!

Every mother loves coasters for some reason. These trendy agate coasters will have your mom totally obsessed. Not to mention, they're surprisingly easy to make!

Shop agate slices.

5. Wrapping Paper Bouquet

via Club Crafted

Read the tutorial, here!

Don't just settle for an ordinary flower bouquet this Mother's Day. Give your mom something special with this bouquet wrapped in wrapping paper. You can even personalize it by choosing a pattern you know she'll love.

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6. Floral Bath Bomb

via Club Crafted

Read the tutorial, here!

You can't go wrong with giving the gift of a bath bomb. A homemade floral bath bomb is just about as sweet and creative as you can get this Mother's Day.

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7. Citrus Stamped Tea Towels

via Making Home Base

Read the tutorial, here!

Your mom can never have too many tea towels in her collection. These adorable citrus stamped tea towels are super easy to make and will brighten up any kitchen!

Shop tea towels.

8. Chunky Arm Knit Blanket

via Simply Maggie

Read the tutorial, here!

Knitting a cozy blanket isn't as hard as it looks, especially when you use your entire arm. This chunky knit blanket will keep your mom warm this Mother's Day and forever. She'll love that she can wrap herself in something handmade by you. The best part is that this DIY craft will only take you 45 minutes.

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