All of Chrissy Teigen's Hilarious Tweets, Ranked Here

chrissy teigen wearing flowing white outfit running on the beach laughing
via Instagram: @chrissyteigen

If there was an award show for the account with the funniest tweets, Chrissy Teigen's Twitter would definitely be nominated. She demonstrates what modern day humor is really like, and we're all for it! Come on, her Twitter bio is literally, "de-motivational speaker".

Teigen's best tweets are when she laughs at her own misery. She reminds us that she might be a celebrity, but her life is constantly falling apart like anyone else's. Humor truly is the best coping mechanism, Teigen would definitely agree!

We've compiled 30 downright hilarious tweets posted by the mother, wife, and legend. Go ahead and rank which ones make you laugh the hardest. You might be surprised to learn how many people agree!

When She Didn't Know Where John Went

When She'd Just About Had It With Cyclists

When She Used Tough Love On Her Daughter

When She Question Her Ankle Cracking

When She Admitted How Protective She Is Of John

When She Tried To Buy Clothes In The Mannequin Store

When She Commented On Hosting The Oscars

When She Wanted To Wear A Towel To Dinner

When She Couldn't Figure Out How To Cook Frozen Food

When She Wanted To Give Up Showering

When John Made Her Disable Her Tamagotchi

When She Admitted She Could Never Be A Spy

When She Was Excited For Her Room Service Order

When She Was Outraged By MacBook Release Dates

When She Substituted Frozen Vegetables For Ice

When She Apologized For Being A Total Wreck

When She Substituted Eating Beef Jerky For Brushing Her Teeth

When She Reached A New Level Of Lazy

When She Reminded Her Fans Not To Act Stupid

When John Finally Told Her That Her Breath Stinks

When Her Hangover Was That Bad

When She Feared Her Avocados Would Threaten Her Parenting Abilities

When She Comments On The Drama Of Reality TV

When She Collected Her Spilled Breast Milk

When She Shared Her Thoughts On Instagram Live

When Pizza Hut Followed Her On Twitter

When She Wasn't Invited To The Westminster Dog Show

When She Realized The Fate Of Her Boredom

When She Drunk Tweeted John

When She Admitted That Nobody Likes Yellow Or Orange Candy