Top 10 Cheap Nursing Scrubs For Any Situation

nurse scrubs with spandex
Photo: Figs

Check out this list of cheap nursing scrubs we found that you can buy right from your computer! There's scrubs for almost any situation.

Cheap Nursing Scrubs For Every Situation

We found some of the cheapest nursing scrubs for almost any situation! Right from your computer, you can browse and purchase brand new medical scrubs that you might not have even known you needed! Maybe there's a holiday coming up, or maybe you're just looking to get a little fancy. These medical scrubs will make you look like you're fresh out of Grey's Anatomy. Many of them are super comfortable, perfect for when you're on your feet all day!

1. MedPro Women's Medical Scrub Set

$10.39 - $25.63

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2. Med Couture Women's 'MC2' Lexi Scrub Top

$16.94 - $32.95

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3. Just Love Women's Scrub Tops Scrubs Nursing Scrubs

$8.99 - $14.99

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4. KOI Women's Katelyn Mock Wrap Scrub Top With Adjustable Side Tie

$15.00 - $27.98

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5. Dreamcrest Women's Holiday Scrubs


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6. Ultrasoft Premium Mock Wrap Nursing Scrubs - Junior Fit

$34.90 - $35.90

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7. KOI Sapphire Women's Mara Y-Neck Solid Scrub Top

$15.95 - $21.95

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8. Jeanish Washed Stretch Scrubs Set

$31.99 - $33.99

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9. Cherokee Women's Workwear Scrub Warm-Up Jacket


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10. Med Couture Women's Signature Top

$9.97 - $38.95

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