Your Post Will Pop Off With These 27 Champagne Instagram Captions

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You'll certainly raise your glass to these ones.

Best Champagne Instagram Captions

Champagne's not just for New Year's Eve! Spice up your profile with these dazzling champagne Instagram captions. Come on, you're the life of the party! So why not show it off?

These fun captions are perfect for your next party pic. Maybe you've got a wild action shot popping a bottle. Or maybe you have a sweet, elegant champagne toast photo. Either way, you need the right IG caption to go along with it.

Don't let your sensational champagne pic go to waste. These Insta captions we've gathered will highlight all of the fun you've been having lately! Pop a bottle, take a sip, and let us do the rest!

Cute Champagne Instagram Captions

  • My birthstone is a champagne cork.

  • What rhymes with Friday? Champagne.

  • The more champagne I drink, the better you look.

  • Sunshine and champagne... the perfect recipe.

  • It's Prosecco o'clock.

Fun Champagne Instagram Captions

  • Embarking on my champagne campaign.

  • Bring on the bubbly.

  • There is only one thing better than a glass of champagne. A bottle.

  • Anything is possible with a little lipstick and champagne.

  • Come quickly, I am tasting the stars.

Charming Champagne Instagram Captions

  • No pain, no champagne.

  • But first, champagne.

  • Champagne is always the answer.

  • "I only drink champagne on two occasions. When I am in love and when I am not." - Coco Chanel

  • Cheers to great champagne, and ever better friends.

Top Champagne Instagram Captions

  • Too much of anything is bad. But too much of champagne is just right.

  • Tonight's forecast: 100% change of bubbles.

  • Running out of champagne is my cardio.

  • I like my wine sparkling, like my personality.

  • I'll take one mimosa please, hold the OJ.

Exciting Champagne Instagram Captions

  • "There comes a time in every woman's life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne." - Bette Davis

  • Save water, drink champagne!

  • Drowning my pain in champagne.

  • Life's too short to drink cheap champagne.

  • No champagne, no gain.

Unbeatable Champagne Instagram Captions

  • Smile, there's bubbly.

  • You were my cup of tea, but now I drink champagne.

  • Fizz the season.

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