25 Catwoman Quotes That’ll Make You Feel Sultry

Michelle Pfeifer as Catwoman in Batman Returns wearing a mask with red lipstick
Batman Returns via Warner Bros.

Catwoman doesn't play.

Best Catwoman Quotes

These Catwoman quotes from the Batman Universe series will have you more inspired than ever. Her character is bold, sexy, and intelligent... there's a lot us women have to learn from her! Not to mention, Catwoman is one of the most beloved villains appearing in DC Comics.

As Batman's love interest, Catwoman always gets her way. There's nothing stopping her from stirring crime in Gotham City. Although she may not be good, she definitely has some traits we all desire. Oh, wouldn't you love to trade places with Catwoman for a day?

Check out these sexy quotes by Catwoman that will make you feel unstoppable! Her words might even encourage you to be more confident with yourself. Don't do anything Catwoman wouldn't do!

Sexy Catwoman Quotes

  • "That’s part of the rule. Never quit. Never let them see you’re afraid. Above all—never let them see you’re hurt. Never let them see you cry. Never."

  • "My world is all just shades of grey, Batman. That’s why you’ll never really understand me."

  • "Life would be so much easier if I didn’t have this conscience!"

  • "Tell me you heard me tell that guy to go screw himself."

  • "The East End. My soul is tied to this place now. Because it’s cost me so much in blood and tears. But this is where the Catwoman was born. And if it has to be, this is where she’ll die."

  • "Oh my god. I get it. You’re insane, aren't you?"

  • "We both know you’ve been looking for a reason to say that for a long time. You never wanted me around. You’ve never liked me. But you could never justify it. Not to Harley."

  • "Little birds should stay away from big bad kittycats."

Our Favorite Catwoman Quotes

  • "To save the world, heroes make sacrifices. That’s the lesson of every story. I wish I could give my life, but I can’t, I have to give more. My sacrifice is my love. It’s you."

  • "Live fast. Love hard. Die young. Leave a good-smelling corpse."

  • "They can have my life. Without parole. But this night, right here…tonight. Look at it, Bat. It’s a diamond. It shines."

  • "They may suspect me, but they’ll never see me. They may chase me, but they’ll never catch me. Never, never, ever catch me."

  • "A long time ago, before I put on this mask, I was afraid of everything."

  • "Show a man what he expects to see, and he won’t look beneath the surface."

  • "I'm a thief—and stealing is what I do. Not so much for the prize or the possession or even the profit...but for the art of doing it...because I can...and because I’m good."

  • "You are part of the night, just like me. We're not afraid of the dark—we come alive in it... we’re thrilled by it."

Irresistible Catwoman Quotes

  • "Like the view? It’s the only thing you’ll be catching tonight."

  • "No one ever finishes that proverb. 'Curiosity killed the cat...but satisfaction brought it back."

  • "It’s such a waste when pretty things get broken."

  • "Tell him we are waiting and ready. But tell him this time... Batman’s wife will join her husband in battle."

  • "Rabbiting? I’ve never rabbited in my life! I’ve pussy-footed. I’ve cat-scratched. I’ve even kittycornered. But I don’t rabbit!"

  • "You and me. The two orphans lost. Who see the weak in one another."

  • "I have to admit... I've missed this. The adrenaline rush. The action. The knowledge that money stolen is always better than money earned."

  • "Tell me what you want with me or I’ll stuff your family jewels right down your throat."

  • "Is this what it’s like to wear a white hat? To do right? Is that what Batman feels like? I don’t like it. I’m no good at it."

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