Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Spoilers: Big News for Jo Wilson

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We've heard some season 15 rumors from one of the cast members of Grey's and we're dying to know if they're true!

Camilla Luddington Shares Big News for Jo in Grey's Anatomy Season 15

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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 ended surprisingly well for Jo Wilson (Camilla Luddington). She finally married Alex Karev (Justin Chambers), signifying a positive turning point in her life. So what could be next for Jo, and how much better could it really get? Luddington sits down for an interview with TV Line and spills what season 15 of Grey's Anatomy might have in store for Jo.

Of course, we only want to best for every character on Grey's, but Jo really deserves it. She's a great friend and doctor, and not to mention, she's absolutely beautiful. We were glad to learn from Luddington herself that season 15 is only looking up for our girl.

What's Happened to Jo Wilson in Season 15?

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In the interview, Luddington gives us a hint at where Grey's Anatomy will start back up from. In the past, new seasons of the show have started back up with a decent time lapse since the previous finale. According to Luddington, season 15 will pick up right where season 14 left us off. 

This is good news for fans because the season 14 finale was rather pleasant compared to past Grey's finales. Normally, Shonda Rhimes would have us bawling as our favorite character is fighting for their life. This one was definitely a breath of fresh air.   

Luddington also might have given us a look into Jo's future, and what that might hold. Rumor has it that season 15 is when Jo finally picks a surgical specialty. This one has been long overdo, Jo isn't the new girl at the hospital anymore and it's time for her to join the big dogs. What on earth could her specialty be? According to Luddington she has no clue what Jo's specialty might be, but she seems just as eager as the rest of us to find out.    

Is Nick Marsh Coming Back for Meredith Grey?

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When asked to spill some secrets about the rest of the Grey's casts future, Luddington didn't give us much. However, she did agree that she would love to see more romantic action for Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) in season 15.

There was specific mention of Nick Marsh (Scott Speedman) and his short-lived romance with Meredith. Luddington claims to be a big fan of Meredith and Nick and would love to see him back to continue the love story that was just waiting to happen.

She says if it was up to her, Speedman would definitely pop back up into Grey's to give Meredith another opportunity at finding love. This is one thing we'll definitely have to wait until season 15 begins to find out, but how amazing does that sound?

Season 15 Might Be Good To Everyone

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So if the rumors are true, season 15 will be picking up right where season 14 left off, and Jo will have declared her specialty. After everything Jo has been through on Grey's Anatomy, we can only wish her the best. She finally married Alex and her career only seems to be looking up – it's too bad anything good on Grey's doesn't seem to last long.

Season 15 is sure to hold big things in store for the entire cast of Grey's. If we're lucky, Meredith will actually pursue a lasting romantic interest, something that already seems overdue. 

It's been a great run so far, and according to Luddington, it's only going to get better. She seems just as excited for the new season as us, and to be honest, it can't come soon enough!