Camilla Luddington Talks Izzie Stevens and MerLex

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Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Camilla Luddington talks about her hopes for Izzie Stevens, and expresses that she's definitely not a big fan of MerLex.

Camilla Luddington Talks Izzie Stevens and MerLex Relationship

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Grey's Anatomy hasn't had talk of Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) in what feels like forever. In the 300th episode, we did hear from Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) as he hoped she was doing well wherever she was, but that wasn't much at all. Izzie has been absent from Grey's, but we did hear some words from Heigl in response to Alex and Jo Wilson's (Camilla Luddington) wedding.

After learning of Heigl's response to the wedding, Luddington filled us in on what she thought Izzie might be up to. She also comments on the possibility of MerLex as a love story on the future of Grey's, and doesn't seem to be a big fan... shocker! I mean, who would want to tear apart the love between Alex and Jo, just so Alex could be with Meredith? Come on, there's plenty of other guys out there that would make a much better fit for her, while leaving the happy couple alone.

Luddington Wishes Izzie The Best

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In an interview with US Magazine, Luddington only wishes Izzie the best. She compares her feelings toward Izzie to those Alex has for her. Alex imagined that Izzie was living out a wonderful life somewhere, and Luddington wished the same for her. She also hoped that wherever Izzie was, she was wishing the best for Alex.

Izzie and Alex were definitely a cute couple back in the day, but they both seemed to be on different paths. Plus, a lot of people thought the wedding was a bit impulsive, and only really happened because of Izzie's cancer. Jo on the other hand is like a breath of fresh air for Alex. At this point, JoLex is pretty much unstoppable.

Luddington Isn't A Huge MerLex Fan

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We are a little surprised to learn that some people think MerLex might become a thing. Can't we just let Jo and Alex be happy? It's not often that a Grey's love story actually works out in the end, but hopefully JoLex is the exception.   

Luddington is on our side with this one, JoLex comes before MerLex. She comments on how far Jo and Alex have come, and how much the two seem to belong together. We agree with Luddington, we would hate to see that entire relationship crumble after how far they've made it.   

"I understand in terms that there's lots of people who want to see Meredith have a love interest," Luddington said. "Alex is one of the men who's been right there and sometimes, you fall in love with your best friend. I understand both sides but I'm biased. I'd rather him stay with Jo." 

There's still plenty of fans who think Alex is the one for Meredith, and this upcoming season will prove that. Alex and Meredith have always been best friends, which is what seems most natural to us. It would be weird for the two to ever be anything more than that! Just because Meredith is overdue for finding love again, it doesn't mean it should be with Alex.

Whether MerLex will ever happen or not, we'll just have to wait until season 15 to find out. It's not like best friends have never slept with each other before on Grey's, but that's always seemed to ruin it! Take, for example, Meredith and George O'Malley (T.R. Knight). September 27 can't come soon enough for us.