Were These 8 Books The Best of 2018? You Tell Us By Voting Here.

2018 books, woman with blonde hair and a tattoo sitting outside in sunlight reading a book
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This past year brought us book lovers plenty of new reads to spend our time on. The best books of 2018 are definitely up for debate, so we thought we'd give it a shot. Whether you're reading a memoir, a thrilling fiction, or a cookbook, you've made it this far so you know that books are anything but boring.

With our busy lives, there's no shot we can read every new book that comes out to decide what the best options are. We also know that you can't judge a book by its cover-- literally. As readers, we cherish the opinions of others to make our next paperback purchase!

We've narrowed it down a bit by creating a list of the 8 best books of 2018. However, we need your vote to complete the ranking!

  • Becoming By Michelle Obama

    Community Score: 3
    via Instagram: @_r_lo

    Michelle Obama writes about how she became the woman that she is. She's had a long and successful professional journey, faced the challenges of being a mother and wife, and maintained sanity in a life completely hijacked by politics.

  • Educated By Tara Westover

    Community Score: 1
    via Instagram: @ulatbukutales

    This extraordinary memoir follows the life of a woman who was raised in an off-the-grid survivalist family. Westover did not attend school until college, where she would remarkably go on to earn a Ph.D. in history at Cambridge.

  • How To Change Your Mind By Michael Pollan

    Community Score: 1
    via Instagram: @penguinpress

    Pollan gets personal with his readers while he explores the history and science of psychedelics. He touches on society's interest in these drugs as well as the many psychological benefits they are thought to have.

  • Small Fry By Lisa Brennan-Jobs

    Community Score: 1
    via Instagram: @postcardsandauthors

    Brennan-Jobs delves into her childhood in which her two parents provided her with immensely different worlds. On one hand, she had her mother who was an unstable and impoverished artist. On the other, her father, Steve Jobs represented the side of cruelty and increasing wealth.

  • Fascism: A Warning By Madeleine Albright

    Community Score: -1
    via Instagram: @monicakim524

    Albright explores the meaning of fascism through her own experiences growing up in Europe during the reign of both Mussolini and Hitler. She raises important questions for history, as well as the present and future.

  • American Prison By Shane Bauer

    Community Score: -1
    via Instagram: @katiebiblio

    American Prison exposes the money-hungry truth behind America's prison system. Bauer's profound discoveries followed his four months working undercover as a prison guard at Winn Correctional Center.

  • Greeks Bearing Gifts By Philip Kerr

    Community Score: -1
    via Instagram: @tripfiction

    This thrilling mystery book tells the story of former police detective, Bernie Gunther who takes on the new role as an insurance loss adjuster. His new investigation leads him to gruesome discoveries that may finally lead him to the truth.

  • Cravings: Hungry For More By Chrissy Teigen

    Community Score: -2
    via instagram: @vivien_kiwi_moo_muffin

    The talented Chrissy Teigen shares some of her most sacred dishes in this versatile cookbook. Teigen proves to be the master of fulfilling cravings with meals that just about anyone can get behind.