10 of the Best Products to Buy on Black Friday, Ranked

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If you're reading this, we know you're probably more excited about Black Friday than you are Thanksgiving. Don't worry, we won't break it to the family! Everyone loves Black Friday shopping, it's the only thing helping you power through that giant meal.

You might already have some things in mind in terms of Black Friday shopping, but we've got you covered just in case. Black Friday is no joke-- we only get it once a year, so we have to be sure we do it right.

We've ranked 10 of the best products you should definitely consider purchasing this Black Friday. Go ahead and sort through the list, ranking your own top picks!

Massage Chair

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Large appliances such as massage chairs are normally more heavily discounted on Black Friday. Plus, who doesn't need a massage chair in their life?

Apple iPad

via Walmart

It's always a good idea to snag an Apple iPad on Black Friday. Try Walmart for all of your electronic essentials!

Portable Vacuum Cleaner

via Target

A convenient little vacuum is perfect to have around the house at all times. Look at Bed Bath & Beyond or Target for your household items.

Xbox One

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Xbox consoles can get pretty expensive, so your best bet is to snag one on Black Friday!

Makeup Palette

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Your favorite eyeshadow palette is probably a bit out of your price range for now. Don't worry, beauty stores like Ulta and Sephora are likely to have decent markdowns this Black Friday.

Athletic Shoes

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This Black Friday, you'll definitely want to hit the mall to check out the shoe sales. Some of your favorite athletic shoe brands are likely to have great sales.


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Whether your old TV is giving out on you, or you want the newest smart TV, there's guaranteed to be a great sale for you. Check out Best Buy or Walmart if you're looking to get a TV.


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A Nespresso machine will bring luxury coffee and espresso right to your kitchen. They can get a bit pricey, so Black Friday is definitely the time to shop for one.

Air Fryer

via Macy's

The air fryer is the new best thing when it comes to cooking. If 2019 rolls around and you still don't own one, you might have a problem. Check out Macy's Black Friday deals on air fryers.


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You might not even realize how badly you're in need of a new oven. Check out stores like Best Buy this Black Friday to secure a low price on a new oven.