The Most INSANE Grey's Anatomy Surgeries, Ranked by Fans

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When it comes to Grey's Anatomy, we've literally seen it all. There have been a ton of surgeries throughout our years at Grey Sloan, but there's no denying that some have stuck out more than others-- a lot more. We've been conditioned to view the doctors on the show as literal gods due to some of the surgeries they've successfully worked through. Not to mention all the pressure they're usually under due to personal issues and awkwardness in the OR. That's why we've gathered the best and most insane Grey's Anatomy surgeries of all time.

Not to be dramatic, but the surgeries on Grey's are some of the most insane experiences we've ever witnessed. Obviously, it's a fictional show, but let's just pretend it's not for our own wellbeing. We love Grey's Anatomy, we love the doctors, and we love the patients (usually).

Check out our list of the craziest surgeries on Grey's Anatomy, and rank your favorites!

The Removal Of The Judy Doll Heads

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Although the doctors never really figured out why this guy was swallowing Judy doll heads, they were able to remove all of them. They originally believed the heads were balloons full of drugs, so opening him up to pull out ten Judy doll heads was quite baffling for everyone.

The Woman With Toxic Blood

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

You would think that the patient is the only one in any real danger during a surgical procedure– not on Grey's! During this bizarre surgery, all of the doctors in the OR passed out due to the presence of toxic blood in the patient. In order to complete the surgery, they had to take 20-second shifts while holding their breath.

The Metal Pole

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Following a horrific train accident, two strangers, Bonnie and Tom are impaled by the same large metal pole. They become friends as the doctors work tirelessly to free them both. It turns out that they would only be able to save one, so Bonnie sacrifices herself after considering how much more severe her injuries are. This one was an emotional rollercoaster.

The Kid Buried In Concrete

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Have you ever wondered what would happened if you stepped in wet concrete? Or how about doused your entire body in it? This young boy showed up to the hospital entirely encased in hardening concrete. The drying of the substance is slowly killing him, but the doctors are able to get him out in time and save his life.

The Tree Hand

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

This case was disturbing and frightening on every level possible. A man showed up to the hospital with a hand covered in warts that resembled tree bark. Dr. Bailey and her team worked to remove twelve pounds of warts from his body. As if things couldn't get any worse, a spider crawls out of the mess of warts. How long was that thing living in there?

The 70 Pound Tumor

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

A woman had noticed a tumor growing on her body for a literal year before finally getting it checked out. And the only reason she even showed up to the hospital was because her mother forced her two. The doctors worked tirelessly to remove the 70 pound mass, but Annie unfortunately died on the table.

The Foot Amputation

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

After a man shows up to the hospital with a botched foot amputation, Callie steps in to finish the job the right way. He claims that the foot needed to go because it wasn't his. The man has clearly lost his mind and everyone realizes it. The final amputation was successful since the foot couldn't be salvaged at that point, and the patient made it out alive.

The Penis Transplant

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Leave it to the surgeons of Grey's Anatomy to successfully pull off a penis transplant. The patient had suffered from penile cancer, causing him to lose the one he was born with. Rather than continue his life without a penis, Catherine Avery decided to lead a team of surgeons that would complete the transplant.

The Pregnant Man

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Just about everyone in the hospital was baffled when a man showed up claiming to be pregnant. He even had the baby bump and positive pregnancy tests to prove his case. It turns out the mass that was growing on his abdomen was just a gathering of cells, and the tests turned out positive due to increased hormone levels. The mass was successfully removed during surgery.

The Man Attacked By The Lion

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Get this– a woman thought it would be a good idea to keep a pet lion. Her boyfriend literally stuck his arm in the lion's mouth in an attempt to save her life. The wildest part is that the woman is actually mad he tried to save her because the lion had to be removed from her home. Luckily, the doctors were able to work their magic and patch him up.