Best Grey's Anatomy Songs of All Time, Ranked

Those heartbreaking Grey's Anatomy scenes that Shonda Rhimes gives to us wouldn't be the same without the great songs behind them. Is someone dying? Throw in a sad song to make it 100 times worse! Is someone getting married? Throw in a happy song to make it 100 times better!

Chances are Grey's Anatomy has ruined at least one song for you. One moment you're walking through the grocery store and the song that played when George died hits you. You're immediately brought back to that painful Grey's memory. Although sometimes sad, there are many beautiful songs played throughout the show.

So, now is your shot to show us which songs you ugly cry to every time it comes on. Vote for your favorite songs on Grey's Anatomy! Did we forget something? Let us know in the comments below.

"How To Save A Life" By The Fray

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Chances are you've heard this song during a sad moment in another film. This just seems to be the go-to sad song. If you don't remember, this song plays in season 2 of Grey's while the doctors at Seattle Grace run around frantically trying to handle a bunch of crises at the same time.

"Chasing Cars" By Snow Patrol

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

This song plays during one of the most heartbreaking scenes in Grey's Anatomy history, which is why we love it so much. While "Chasing Cars" plays, Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) dies after proposing to Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl). We then watch as Izzie must be forcibly removed from Denny's lifeless body.

"Keep Breathing" By Ingrid Michaelson

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Another sad moment on Grey's, this song is played while Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington) leaves Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) at the altar of their wedding. Cristina proceeds to have a meltdown (understandably) and Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) is right by her side the entire time.

"Street Lights" By Kanye West

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

This is a great song that illuminates a moment of happiness on Grey's. "Street Lights" plays while Cristina and Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) share a kiss in the vent room at the hospital. It's just as refreshing for us as it is for those two, after all of the ups and downs of their relationship they've put us through!

"Kiss Me" By Ed Sheeran

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

During Miranda Bailey's (Chandra Wilson) wedding on Grey's, we are zoomed into a sad conversation that Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) has with Meredith. Webber is attending the wedding shortly after losing his own wife to a heart attack. This song sent us into a whirlwind of emotions.

"Breathe" By Anna Nalick

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

In one of the most intense moments in the history of Grey's Anatomy, this song plays while Meredith surgically removes a bomb from a patient. It definitely helps us keep calm while we don't know if Meredith will blow up and die at any moment.

"Make This Go On Forever" By Snow Patrol

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Ah, another Snow Patrol song to really get us in our feels. "Make This Go On Forever" is played while Meredith almost drowns in the icy water surrounding a ferry boat crash. She was there to save people, but she nearly almost let herself die!

"A Bitter Song" By Butterfly Boucher

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

This emotional song is played after Meredith almost drowns, as the rest of the doctors wait while she fights for her life. What hurts the most is having to watch Derek wonder if the love of his life will make it out of this battle alive.

"Falling Awake" By Gary Jules

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

While this song played on Grey's Anatomy, we had to watch George O'Malley (T.R. Knight) turn off his own father's life support. Although we were just introduced to his father, it really broke our hearts having to watch George go through the pain of losing a parent.

"All I Need" By Mat Kearney

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Another beautiful song, this one is played during a painful moment of Grey's when Izzie lies on the ground mourning her loss of Denny. She refuses to get off the ground for quite a while until she finally gets up to sit Shiva.

"Swans" By Unkle Bob

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

"Swans" is the song playing in the background when Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) dies. In this scene, we watch as Webber says his final goodbyes to Ellis. This was the perfect song for such a heartbreaking scene.

"Blindsided" By Bon Iver

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

This song plays during a very grim time on Grey's Anatomy. Izzie thinks that her grief must have gone so far that she's seeing the ghost of Denny around her. She soon realizes that these intense hallucinations actually indicate that she is sick.