Every Jaw-Dropping Moment the Grey's Anatomy Men Went Shirtless, Ranked

Andrew DeLuca And Jackson Avery Shirtless On Yacht Season 14 Grey's Anatomy
Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Vote for Your Favorite Time These Grey's Anatomy Guys Went Shirtless

Sometimes we hate to admit it, but the hot doctors are one of our favorite things about Grey's Anatomy. We love to watch them get cute and romantic, but we love it more when they get hot and steamy. There's nothing like a good shower scene or changing scene involving the men on Grey's. Even when they're performing a surgery in the OR, sometimes we can't help but wonder what they might look like without the scrubs on.

It's no surprise that some of the doctors get more shirtless airtime than others. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) is definitely a bit overrepresented in our favorite Grey's Anatomy shirtless scenes, but no one is complaining. Jackson is the best gift we've ever gotten on Grey's.

One thing Shonda Rhimes is good at is definitely picking the right men to play the parts in Grey's. What's the point of having charming intelligent men around if they aren't nice to look at? Objectifying the men of Grey's is a guilty pleasure for every viewer.

We've compiled some of our favorite scenes on Grey's Anatomy where the men went shirtless, and it's up to you to vote and rank them. This is going to be a tough one!

Did we forget one? Let us know!

  • Jackson In The Locker Room

    Community Score: 42
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    We love a good Grey's locker room scene, especially when we get to see the guys changing. Even better if Jackson is there!

  • Mark In The Shower

    Community Score: 38
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    That scene where Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) walked out of the shower and Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) was there. Derek might not have appreciated it, but we sure did.

  • Jackson Avery Fresh Out Of The Shower

    Community Score: 36
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    We really appreciate a shirtless Jackson fresh out of the shower.

  • Mark Out Of The Shower (Again)

    Community Score: 32
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    Another beautiful moment on Grey's– Mark hops out of the shower and gives us a nice view.

  • Alex Holding A Baby Shirtless

    Community Score: 27
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    What's better than a hot doctor holding a baby? How about a hot doctor holding a baby without a shirt on. We'd like to thank Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) for doing us this favor.

  • Jackson On The Yacht

    Community Score: 26
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    Whose idea was it to put all of the men of Grey's half naked on a boat together? We'd like to thank them.

  • Derek Covering Himself With Only A Pillow

    Community Score: 25
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    In this scene, Derek is confronted by Izzie Stephens (Katherine Heigl) while he's totally naked. At least he had this pillow to cover himself!

  • Derek's First Sleepover With Meredith

    Community Score: 9
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    On the first episode of Grey's, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) takes Derek home from the bar. In the morning, we get to see him beautiful and shirtless.

  • Andrew On The Yacht

    Community Score: 7
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    As if this scene couldn't get any better, we got to see Andrew DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) take his shirt off too.

  • Derek And Meredith Taking A Bubble Bath

    Community Score: 6
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    Sadly, we didn't get to take a bath with Derek, but at least we got to watch him. Not to mention, this super romantic scene really got us in our Grey's feelings.

  • Ben Getting Naked For Bailey

    Community Score: 2
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    We can't forget to show Ben Warren (Jason Winston George) some love too. We're glad we got to see him getting hot and steamy for Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson).

  • Shane Shining Shoes Shirtless

    Community Score: -18
    Grey's Anatomy via ABC

    That was a real tongue twister, but it was sure nice to look at. We can't forget our brief time with Shane Ross (Gaius Charles), especially when we saw him shirtless.