Here Are The 10 Best Apps To Help Reduce Your Anxiety

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You'd be surprised how much your phone can help.

10 Best Apps To Help Reduce Your Anxiety

No matter our situation, struggling with stress and anxiety is something we can all relate to. Being cooped up inside due to COVID-19 quarantine may actually make it more difficult for some to manage their stress. Fortunately, there are tons of resources online, such as apps that can help us improve our mental well-being.

Our smartphones are always attached to us, whether we like it or not. Although it's easy to focus on the negative, there are many positive resources available on our devices that we can take advantage of. With technology permeating every area of our lives, why not allow it to do good by our mental health?

Each one of these apps provides unique features all with a single goal—to promote an anxiety and stress free lifestyle for the user.

1. Sanvello

vis Sanvello Health Inc.

Sanvello is designed to assist users who suffer from anxiety and depression. The app helps you understand you. What this means is that it dives into those thoughts, moods, and behaviors that shape how we feel. It then provides clinically validated techniques to help users manage those behaviors and improve their overall mental wellbeing.

The app is even useful with those who have no diagnosed mental condition. Anyone who struggles with stress or is interested in improving the function of their bind can benefit from Sanvello.

Currently, Sanvello is providing premium access for free to everyone. There is no additional action required, the developers just want to support anyone struggling during this challenging time.

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2. Calm


Calm is an app based on sleep, meditation, and relaxation. Perfect for beginners, it introduces mindfulness to the lives of users in a meaningful way. However, it also includes programs that are designed to help intermediate and advanced users.

Providing guided meditation sessions, you can choose from a range of lengths from 3 to 25 minutes in order to suit your schedule. Overtime, you will become a seasoned meditator and be able to relax your mind without always turning to the app.

One interesting feature of Calm is the "Sleep Stores". These are bedtime stories that are guaranteed to ease you into a deep and restful sleep. With over 100 stories to choose from, the feature is catered to both adults and children.

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3. ReachOut Breathe

via ReachOut Australia

By teaching you to slow down your breathing and heart rate, this app reduces physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. According to research, you can learn to increase feelings of calmness within your body by slowing your heart rate.

ReachOut Breathe doesn't just tell you how to do these things, it measures your heart rate using the camera in your iPhone. The app is able to do so by analyzing the changes in color of your fingertip in real-time. With the breathe tool, it then guides you through each breath by prompting you to place your finger on the screen, breathing in until the circle fills.

The makers of the app suggest to use its features daily until you've gotten the hang of it. Then, managing your stress and anxiety should begin to come naturally.

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4. Mindshift

via Anxiety Canada Association

MindShift utilizes scientifically proven strategies that are based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to encourage users to relax. To be more specific, it promotes mindfulness and the development for more effective ways of thinking. The app teaches users to take active steps in their lives in order to show their anxiety who's boss.

Users receive tools to combat worry, panic, perfectionism, social anxiety, and phobias. MindShift relies on an interactive and customized model to reorient your thinking and shift your focus in order to make lasting positive changes in your life. The overall goal of the app is to allow you to unlock the best version of yourself and live your truth.

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5. MoodMission

via MoodMission

This app listens to you in order to improve you mental wellbeing, at an individual level. You tell MoodMission how you're feeling, and it then provides you with a customized list of "5 Missions" that may help boost your mood.

These "Missions" are easy, quick, and achievable mental health-boosting strategies. Backed by scientific evidence, they include meditations, relaxation, exercise and fitness activities, affirmations, yoga, gratitude, in addition to many other methods.

MoodMission is based on CBT, which is often used to treat anxiety and depression. Completing "Missions" earns you rewards in the app, giving you a sense of accomplishment and purpose in return.

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6. Wysa

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Using techniques of CBT, DBT, yoga, and meditation, Wysa offers support for those with depression, stress, anxiety, sleep loss, and a number of other conditions. While remaining completely anonymous, you can communicate your mental struggles with a chatbot. The app uses AI to create appropriate and meaningful responses to the emotions you express in the chat.

Users are able to unlock techniques that help them cope with their challenges in a fun and conversational way. Although this feature is free, you can also pay to receive support from a real, human, qualified mental health professional.

Whether you want to vent, talk through things, or simply reflect on your day, Wysa will listen and give you feedback. Wysa can also help you deal with loss, worry, and conflict while coaching you to relax, focus, and sleep peacefully.

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7. Balance

via Elevate, Inc.

Ready to try out meditation? Meditation can help decrease stress levels and promote better sleep. The Balance app acts as your personal meditation coach, even for beginners.

Each day users are promoted to answer questions about their meditation experience, goals, and preferences. With that information, the app creates a personalized daily meditation based on an audio library with thousands of files. As you continue to use the app, your meditations become even more customized and effective.

With Balance, you'll discover how to bring awareness to your day, increase your focus, and turn moments of stress into deep relaxations. Although meditations can be done any time during the day, the app offers specific morning and sleep meditations. With new content added regularly, you'll never get bored.

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8. Headspace

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Only requiring a few minutes of your time per day, Headspace promises to guide you through a journey of mindfulness and meditation. With hundreds of guided meditations to choose from, you can target the app to your specific needs. For example, you can hone in on managing stress, sleep, productivity, exercise, and much more.

One exciting new addition to the app is "The Wake Up and Move Mode". It enables you to start your day mindfully using real-life stories and inspiring advice from experts. This will have your day off to a positive start, and can replace your routine social media scan.

Headspace's training is led by former monk and renowned mindfulness expert Andy Puddicombe. Although much of the content is free, users can upgrade to Headspace Plus if they wish.

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9. Rootd

via Simply Rooted Media Inc.

Rootd is a female led app that specializes in panic attack and anxiety relief. It offers a guided process for both immediate and long term relief of stress symptoms.

The app provides a panic button, lessons, breathing tools, and exercises that are designed to ease the mind. The "Rootr" is a button that when pressed, begins a guided process to swiftly ending a panic attack. The button is always with you, and will always provide comfort when you need it most.

Other tools including lessons, "Breathr", "Visualizr", and Emergency Contact are always available to support users. By implementing multiple strategies, Rootr can improve your mental wellbeing and quality of life over time.

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10. Moodpath

via MindDoc Health GmbH

Moodpath is your personalized mental health companion app. It promises to provide accurate information, words of encouragement, and guidance through life's everyday struggles.

The first feature of Moodpath is its assessment ability. Users will answer daily questions about their wellbeing in order to receive a bi-weekly mental health report. They then have the option to share this assessment with a professional for further help.

Another cool feature of this app is your ability to track and reflect on your emotions. Think of it like your diary, keeping track of your emotional states throughout the day. The app then gives you the option to improve areas of your life with CBT like stress and sleep.

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