Best Alex Karev Moments on Grey's Anatomy, Ranked From Best to Worst

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Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) snaked his way into becoming one of our favorite characters on Grey's Anatomy. When he first joined the cast, we were pretty put off by his rude attitude and short temper. It was hard to enjoy his presence when it always brought such negativity. And today, we're bringing you the [best and worst Alex Karev moments]( of all time!

It's hard to pinpoint a moment that Alex really changed for the better. The process was so gradual, we hardly even remember who he used to be. Alex is the current Head of Pediatric Surgery at Grey Sloan, who would've thought he'd be so good with babies? He's not only good, but he's also great. Arizona Robbins (Jessica Capshaw) taught him everything he needed to know.

Alex had a tough youth, so we have cut him some slack throughout the years we've known him on Grey's Anatomy. The man that Alex is today is definitely someone we all love and are grateful to have around.

We've picked out some of our favorite Alex Karev moments from throughout the years, and it's up to you to rank your favorites!

When He Held A Baby Shirtless

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In an attempt to stabilize one of his infant patients, Alex held the baby while he wore no shirt. He's totally hot and clearly great with kid, with this moment proving both of those. We never wanted this scene to end.

When He Brough Zola To America

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Zola first arrived at the hospital as part of Alex's African orphanage movement. He also brought many other sick African children to America in an attempt to give them a better chance at life. Meredith and Derek must feel like they owe him everything for this one.

When He's Approached By A Bear

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This entire scene is a classic Alex Karev moment that will never get old. As he's walking out of his trailer for work, he's approached by a bear growling at him. Alex screams at the top of his lungs like a little kid!

The Alternate Universe

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In this episode, Meredith dreams of an alternate universe at the hospital, one in which her mother never had Alzheimer's. The most interesting part of this entire narrative is Alex's character. He's super nerdy and head over heels for Meredith, and we're here for it.

Saving Jane Doe

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Alex saved Jane Doe's life after she was nearly crushed to death. Not to mention, she was very pregnant too. Alex risked his own life for this one without even thinking twice.

His Marriage To Izzie

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Izzie's battle with cancer definitely took a huge toll on both her and Alex. Watching Meredith give up her wedding for Alex and Izzie totally warmed our hearts. In that moment, nothing else mattered to Alex but his love for her.

Holding A Baby As It Died

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Alex was caring for a newborn baby in the NICU that clearly was not going to make it. He wanted to make sure the baby was held at least once before dying. Alex took of his gloves and held the newborn tight as it took its final breaths.

Comforting Izzie When Denny Dies

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It's no secret that Izzie did not take Denny's death well. She would not move from his side after he had passed while still wearing her prom dress. Alex takes the initiative to come by Izzie's side and eventually pick her up to pull her away from him.

His Marriage To Jo

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We thought this one might never happen, but Alex finally allowed himself to dive back into another marriage. He and Jo have been through a lot together, so seeing them finally put their love before anything else was inspiring.

When Alex Comforted Meredith After She Was Attacked

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After Meredith's traumatic attack at the hospital, she was in serious recovery mode. However, she didn't have to go through it alone. Her best friend, Alex stayed right by her side and even managed to get her to laugh.