Who Was the Best Bachelor Villain? Vote for Yours Now!

corrine olympios on the bachelorette villain
The Bachelorette via ABC

Anywhere there is good, there is also evil. Although Bachelor Nation is all about finding love there's plenty of hatred to go around as well. Contestants are sneaking, manipulative, and desperate for attention - in the worst ways possible.

Some of these Bachelor villains were bad news from the start, but others didn't make it so obvious at first. The Bachelor villains have made it really hard for us not to despise them by the end of it all.

Who was the best villain in all of Bachelor Nation? Tell us what you think by voting on the villains now! You might be surprised to see how many other fans agree with you on this one.

Corrine Olympios

via Instagram: @corrineolympios

Hailing from season 21 of The Bachelor, Corrine Olympios snatched Bachelor Nick Viall‘s first kiss of the evening. However, she did not grab the first impression rose. Olympios only made things look worse for herself from thereon out.

Chad Johnson

via Instagram: @realchadjohnson

Chad Johnson appeared in season 12 of The Bachelorette. On top of threatening violence against his castmates, Johnson insulted pretty much everyone in just the first two episodes. Way to go, Chad!

Courtney Robertson

via Instagram: @ogbachelorbetch

The Bachelor's Courtney Robertson gave us a run for our money in season 16. She did whatever it took to steal Ben Flajnik's heart including breaking rules, skinny-dipping and insulting the other contestants.

JJ Lane

via Instagram: @jjhlane

JJ Lane of The Bachelorette's 11th season wasn't always the worst. During a stand-up challenge, Lane told Amy Schumer, "Sometimes, I feel like I'm too smart for, like, 90 percent of the audience." Sure he's cute, but not cute enough to talk like that!

Vienna Girardi

via Instagram: @franklinrosemd

Vienna Girardi spent her time on The Bachelor's 14th season antagonizing the other contestants. All the while she pretended to play the helpless victim. Talk about manipulation!

Michelle Money

via Instagram: @michellemoney

Michelle Money appeared in season 5 of The Bachelor. She was a total gold digger and it was pretty clear she only cared about furthering her acting career. Not to mention, her constant scheming, pushiness and aggressive behavior didn't get her far at all.

Tierra LiCausi

via Instagram: @tierralicausi

Tierra LiCausi brought all the worst kind of drama to The Bachelor during season 17. She did just about anything to get the attention of Sean Lowe, before he finally caught onto her twisted game.

Bentley Williams

via Instagram: @bentley_w

Bentley Williams from season 7 of The Bachelorette was actually the worst. It seemed like his biggest concern most of the time is how is hair looked. He even bragged to the cameras, "I'm going to make Ashley cry."