Predict Who Will Win Bachelor in Paradise 2018

Who will win bachelor in paradise 2018, Season 5, Eric and Cassandra
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We've already lost some stars of Bachelor in Paradise's fifth season, and the number will only get smaller from here on out. We still have a great batch of participants in Mexico, desperately seeking love from one another. Who will ultimately find love in the end of season 5, and who will go home? It's time to predict who will win Bachelor in Paradise 2018!

Tensions have been high so far this season of Bachelor in Paradise. There are lies, broken promises, and heartbreaks for just about everyone. But there has also been a ton of joy and laughter on their little getaway to Mexico.

Out of the contestants still thriving in Paradise, who do you think will end up a winner? Most of the time, it's never even who you might expect! Check out our complete list of the stars still in the game for Bachelor in Paradise season 5, and rank your winners. You might just be spot on.

Joe Amabile

Bachelor in Paradise via ABC

Fans really love Grocery Store Joe, he's all around a great guy. We're hoping Joe wins and finds love in the end!

Jenna Cooper

Bachelor in Paradise via ABC

Jenna Cooper came all the way from Indiana to find love in Paradise.

Cassandra Ferguson

Bachelor in Paradise via ABC

Cassandra Ferguson returned to the Bachelor in Paradise after previously finding love in season 2. Will she get that lucky again?

Olivia Goethals

Bachelor in Paradise via ABC

Olivia Goethals is a marketing associate from Illinois. She's from Arie's season of the Bachelor.

John Graham

Bachelor in Paradise via ABC

John Graham is a software engineer, often referred to as "Venmo John", as he's the creator of Venmo.

Robby Hayes

Bachelor in Paradise via ABC

Robby Hayes is back for another season of Bachelor in Paradise. Will he finally find love?

Astrid Loch

Bachelor in Paradise via ABC

After an unsuccessful run at Nick Viall's heart on The Bachelor, Astrid Loch has arrived in Paradise.

Kendall Long

Bachelor in Paradise via ABC

Kendall Long is absolutely stunning, but will that be enough for her to find love this season?

Jordan Mauger

Bachelor in Paradise via ABC

Jordan Mauger has made it clear that he's on in Paradise to play games, but actually wants to find love this time around.

Shushanna Mkrtychyan

Courtesy: Jessica Radloff

Shushanna Mkrtychyan is a property manager all the way from Salt Lake City. This is her second season on Bachelor in Paradise.

Diggy Moreland

Bachelor in Paradise via ABC

Diggy Moreland returns to Paradise after being a part of the fourth season.

Kamil Nicalek

The Bachelorette via ABC

Kamil Nicalek is a model from New York, but will his good looks be enough to find him love?

Krystal Nielson

Bachelor in Paradise via ABC

It's not hard to figure out that Krystal Nielson is a fitness coach, but will her rockin' bod be enough to make her a winner?

Annaliese Puccini

Bachelor in Paradise via ABC

Annaliese Puccini didn't have an easy time during her first appearance on The Bachelor. Will she finally find love and be happy in Paradise?

Chris Randone

Bachelor in Paradise via ABC

Chris Randone is not the most liked guy in Paradise. He definitely needs to redeem himself if he wants a shot at winning this season.

Kevin Wendt

Bachelor in Paradise via ABC

It's been a rocky season so far for Kevin Wendt. We're eager to see how his remainder of time in Paradise will treat him.