Indulge In These Inspiring Anna Karina Quotes To Celebrate Her Life

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Her legacy will live on.

Best Anna Karina Quotes

Film actress Anna Karina first saw the spotlight in the 1960s. These touching quotes embody the true essence of her life, both personally and professionally. Karina never held back on voicing her thoughts on love and existence, something we will always admire about her.

Many say Karina shaped French New Wave film forever. Some of her most famous movie scenes are still popular today. With an unforgettable face and a captivating voice, these quotes remind us why we love and adore her.

In honor of Anna Karina's wonderful life, cherish her words a little deeper today. These inspiring quotes remind us to hold on tight to the short time we are given.

Notable Anna Karina Quotes

  • "Because I'm mad."

  • "Your eyes have returned from a despotic land."

  • "Aside from ourselves, our faces and voices, we have nothing."

  • "Because you speak to me in words, and I look at you with feelings."

  • "After all, things are what they are. A message is a message, plates are plates, men are men, and life is life."

Touching Anna Karina Quotes

  • "Van Gogh once said that death would take us to another star."

  • "After all, everything is beautiful."

  • "Well, in 60 years, when we're dead, we'll know if we were always in love."

  • "I always wanted to leave my country and go somewhere else."

  • "It's the beautiful minds of this world that win over beautiful faces. They win hearts by winning minds."

Our Favorite Anna Karina Quotes

  • "I think life is politics anyway. You can't ignore it, but you can go very wrong in politics. You can say what you thought 50 years ago, but maybe you're wrong today. It's something very special, politics. I think you'd better be a good person in life every day - it's much more important."

  • "Call for me and we'll go together."

  • "I think women should never be more than 25."

  • "Out of my need for knowledge, I watched night create day."

  • "No one has lived in the past, and no one will live in the future."

Relatable Anna Karina Quotes

  • "We live in the void of metamorphoses."

  • "So nobody here knows what it means anymore."

  • "I'm fed up with all of you."

  • "I think modern women are stupid."

  • "Why does everyone look so sad, somber?"

Memorable Anna Karina Quotes

  • "The more one talks, the less the words mean."

  • "I'm not interested in undressing especially for a small role."

  • "It's our story: a painter portraying his love."

  • "Away, away says hate; closer, closer says love."

  • "As I was walking around Paris in jeans — I had no fashion sense."

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