13 Hilarious Things You Will Only Understand If You Went To FSU


If your Nole heart bleeds garnet and gold, then you know these things about FSU are all too relevant.

If you went to Florida State, you know what it's like to bleed garnet and gold. From home football games, to late nights at Gumby's, FSU students wouldn't change their close knit college town for anything. They all have a mutual hate for the parking situation, and a love for Jimbo Fisher. We've come up with thirteen things that only FSU students know to be true!

1. Don't Count On Finding Parking


Have class at 11? Be sure to be out of your door by 7 AM if you want to park in time for class. You know to avoid Woodward Garage under any circumstance.

2. Pokey Sticks Are Like Crack


Let's face it, Gumby's has all of Tallahassee under a spell, and pokey sticks are every drunk person's go-to snack.

3. Finding A Table With An Outlet At Strozier Is A Miracle


Forget about all of the stress your exams put on you during finals week. The real struggle at FSU is trying to find a decent table at the library where you can charge your laptop that will probably distract you anyway.

4. You Hate UM


There's no doubt that every Nole's favorite game of the year is against the University of Miami. We turn Tallahassee into one huge party, or we drive eight hours to Miami to watch us beat them for the seventh year in a row.

5. You Eat, Sleep, And Breathe Dance Marathon


Whether Dance Marathon is the day you look most forward to every year, or your roommate is constantly sharing their donation link on your newsfeed, DM is everywhere. You're proud to be part of a school that cares so much about making a difference.

6. Pots Will Never Get Old


FSU's party scene is always evolving, but Potbelly's has always been a classic. Whether it's Thursday night Purgatory, or a game day, Pots always knows how to have a party.

7. The Campus Squirrels Are Fearless


The squirrels on campus will literally not move until you are about to step on them. We are more scared of them than they are of us.

8. You Can't Survive Without Rain Boots


If you were ever in Tallahassee for the summer, you can relate to this even more. It feels like every day is a 100% chance of torrential downpour.

9. The MadSo Challenge Is On Your Bucket List


Whether you've completed the MadSo challenge, or it's still on your bucket list, you know it's something you're obligated to do after you turn 21.

10. You Have A Picture At Westcott Fountain


Whether it was on your first tour of FSU, orientation, or graduation, you've taken that famous Westcott photo. At some point you also probably got a picture at 2 AM in the fountain.

11. You Know The Garnet And Gold Guys Are Legends


They can be found at every football game, and at various events around campus. Every time you see them you are eager to get a picture with them because you know it's part of the tradition.

12. You Feel Like Mrs. Killings Is Your Grandma


If you were unfortunate enough to eat Suwannee food every day of your life, you were at least happy to see Mrs. Killings. She's always greeting you with a warm welcome.

13. The Nite Nole Saves Lives


There's nothing like being rescued by the Nite Nole when you're drunk and stranded.

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