10 Thoughts We Had During The Grey's Anatomy Midseason Finale


We've been waiting this entire season to see how the midseason finale will play out, and we finally see all the craziness unfold!

After Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) won the Harper Avery award in the 300th episode special of Grey's Anatomy, experience tells us that something just has to go wrong! This midseason finale is definitely a crazy one. Check out these ten thoughts we had during tonight's episode, you probably had some of the same ones!

How Can Anyone Take Jo Seriously?!


Although she's now chief resident, we all know she'll never sound like Dr. Bailey. Something about her just screams, "don't take me seriously!" Listening to her yell at her interns is cute but almost cringe-worthy.

Will Webber Ever Find Out Who The Anonymous Donor Is?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

For some reason, Webber seems like he won't give up on finding out who the donor for the contest is! Little does he know, the money came from his own step-son. We're dying to know if Bailey will be able to keep the secret!

Meredith's New Nickname Is "The Legend"?


It feels like just yesterday Meredith was in the position of the intern, afraid of the "Nazi". Next, her interns were scared of her, calling her "Medusa"! Now, the Harper Avery winning Meredith has a new one, the "Legend"! It's crazy how much we've seen her grow!

The Hospital Is Under Attack!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

With all the machines going haywire, it's no wonder the doctors are freaking out! Machines are beeping and making all types of strange noises. Hey, at least that means the patients aren't really dying! But they better get to the bottom of this soon before they really are dying!

This Is SO Creepy!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We've seen shooters and natural disasters threaten the hospital, but the cyber attack is taking it to a whole new level. Is it a terrorist? Or an inside job maybe? Either way, patients are dying so the FBI better know what they're doing!

Giving Birth In A Hospital Without Working Computers Can't Be Much Better!

Source: ABC/Greys Anatomy

This poor woman came to the hospital because she couldn't stand giving birth at home, but she won't have it much better here! With the computers down and some hacker demanding 20 million dollars, hopefully this birth goes smoothly. Knowing Grey's Anatomy, it'll be anything but easy! Good thing they have some of the best doctors in the world!

The Power Too? How Can This Get Any Worse?!


As if having the computers offline wasn't bad enough, now the lights are gone too! If there's one thing a surgeon needs to do their job, it's to be able to see! It seems like they got the lights back on quick, so hopefully it stays like that before people start dying!

Alex Just Keeps Getting Better With Kids!


When his young patient confided in him about his fear of dying, Alex knew exactly how to comfort him. It was hard to watch a child talk about his own impending death, but Alex made it easier. The kid's mom even has a little crush on Alex, how adorable!!

The Intern Finally Saves The Day!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

After Meredith has been fed up with her intern's work all day, he finally does something productive. Although it's not related to his surgical talents, his blood happens to be just as useful! Hopefully he doesn't pass out during the transfusion, it doesn't look so good. And is that Jo's husband who showed up out of the blue?!

Really, Shonda? That's how you leave us for two months?? Who else needs Grey's back, like, now!?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 returns to ABC every Thursday at 8|7c!

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