10 Thoughts We Had During Grey's Anatomy Season 14, Episode 3: 'Go Big Or Go Home'


From laughs to adorable moments to that satisfying death, Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 3 was epic!

After last weeks two-hour Grey's Anatomy Season 14 premiere left us with Amelia's giant brain tumor, we've been itching to see what the doctors planned to do about it. And to be honest, our hearts haven't stopped pounding since. But on a lighter note, we got to see how the love triangle between Megan Hunt (Abigail Spencer), Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson), and Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) played out. Check out ten of the most pressing thoughts we had during this weeks episode of Grey's Anatomy Season 14!

Since When Did Zola Get So Big?!

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We've been watching Zola grow since Derek first operated on her. She was just an infant then, and we almost forgot she still wasn't one! Now Zola is all grown up, and before we know it she'll be back talking Meredith!

Is Amelia's Tumor Really The Reason She's So Crazy?


After an old mentor called her out for lacking a sound mind for years, it all seemed to click! Her drug addiction, her roller coaster of a relationship with Owen, leaving Nicole Herman blind... could the tumor really be to blame? The past ten years of her life may have been completely controlled by her tumor.

What Is Meredith Going To Do If Her Shrink Dies?


In this episode, we're reminded of how much Meredith depends on her relationship with her psychiatrist. Is it his advice that she values, or just having someone that will actually listen to her ridiculous life? Either this guy needs to stay around, or Cristina needs to come back!

If Derek Were Here He Would Know How To Treat Amelia

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Derek will always go down in Grey's history as the greatest neurosurgeon, and maybe the greatest surgeon overall. He seemed to always have the answers and kept the hospital held together. As the doctors sit around and contemplate the best course of action to treat Amelia's tumor, all we want is to have Derek back!

Did Carina Really Just Say An Orgasm Will Help Get The Baby Out?


If anyone was going to say it, we're not surprised it was Carina! And if anyone was going to act uncomfortable about it, of course it was Ben. The doctor's aren't used to having Carina's kinky medical advice around, but they sure seemed intrigued, especially Arizona!

Did Webber Just Say Amelia Is A Better Surgeon Than Derek?


Whether Webber meant it or not, numbers don't lie! When it comes down to it, Amelia did really need to hear what Webber had to say. Without him, she may have drove herself crazy in that room!

Harper Avery Isn't As Nice As His Award!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

First he tries to shut the hospital down, then he fires Bailey! How dare he fire the woman that's been holding this hospital together since the first episode! We definitely liked him better when we only knew his name as an award!

This Girl Is Really Not Going To Prom With A Guy That Almost Died For Her?


Were we all this cruel in high school? This poor kid worked two jobs and would himself up in the hospital all to be rejected by a heartless teenage girl! It's a good thing she came to her senses by the end of the episode, or the doctors may have not let her get away with it!

Is Harper Avery Dead?


When Bailey walked in on him face down on the table, we almost felt bad for him! Poor guy stressed himself to death. At least Shonda finally gave us a death we can laugh about, especially after Jackson and Catherine's half-ass eulogy.

Is Meredith Giving Riggs Relationship Advice With Megan?


Talk about a mature conversation! Meredith was pursuing a relationship with Riggs until Megan came back, but now she's helping him pursue his old one? It seems like there really is no one as worth the fight to her as Derek was.

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