10 Thoughts We Had During Tonight's Episode Of Grey's Anatomy


As season 14 is heating up, a lot of things are falling together as well as falling apart. Careers, relationships, and lives all seem to be on the line. Check out 10 thoughts we had throughout tonight's episode, you probably had the same ones!

After a crazy episode last week that took us back in time, it's nice to be back in the hospital! All we really want to see is more crazy surgical cases and the fate of Amelia and Owen! Is it really over this time?

A Gun? In A Vagina?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Out of all things that could be in all places... how the hell did this happen? Grey's never fails to surprise us with these crazy cases. It's a good thing she's at the best hospital in the world, it will be interesting to see how they get that they out of there!

What's Better Than One Hot Doctor On A Yacht?! Five!


These guys taking a little boat trip is just what we needed to see! All of our favorite doctors taking their shirts off in the sun, what could be better? There's nothing like a shirtless Jackson Avery and Nathan Riggs, yum!

Jo Just Doesn't Think Sometimes!


What would make Jo think it's okay to pressure a patient into a surgery! We even learned how not okay that is back in season 1! At least the patient was understanding about it, but they don't always get that lucky. Hopefully he doesn't sue the hospital!

Amelia, You're Better Than A Tumor!


When Amelia opens up further to Webber about her insecurities, we feel for her. She acts like she doesn't even know who she is anymore without the tumor! Amelia goes as far as to compare her tumor to the drug addicted past they share.

The Thought Of Alex Sleeping With Meredith Makes Us Cringe

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

It starts to get weird when the guys on the yacht talk about their sisters. Jackson calls Maggie his sister, and we almost forget how that happened. Whose idea was it to ask if Alex would ever sleep with Meredith?! We didn't need to get that idea in our heads!

Will Jo Ever Be Able Be Free?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Poor Jo, she may not be our favorite character, but we can't help but feel bad for her situation. She clearly wants to get the divorce, but she fears it will cost her her life. When her patient makes the legal recommendation to take the risk, we can see in her eyes that it's not what she wants to hear.

Ben Just Can't Stick To One Job


First he was an anesthesiologist, now a surgeon, and he wants to be part of a fire rescue team?! Ben might be the most indecisive character on Grey's. At least he admits the only thing he's sure of is his love for Bailey-- he better be!

There's Nothing Like Drunk Doctors In The Hospital!


We've seen a lot of crazy things in the hospital, but I don't think we've ever seen the doctors wander in drunk! People had shush Alex and Owen nearly falls over! They should've just stayed on the yacht at that point.

If Anyone Deserves The Harper Avery, It's Meredith!


Meredith has always been the smartest, brightest doctor at the hospital. If anyone deserves to win this award, or let alone be nominated, it's Meredith Grey. She has given up almost everything for surgeries and for the hospital, it's about time she gets something in return!

We Knew Jackson Was A Good Guy


He does brag a little bit too much about his money, but we have to agree that he does act humbly sometimes. When he offered Bailey all of his money for her to put toward a competition, we see where his real loyalties lie-- to the furthering of the hospital. Jackson is smart, sexy, and generous too! It's hard not to love him!

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