10 Thoughts We Had During Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 5: 'Danger Zone'


This episode gives us an interesting look into the past of Megan, Owen, and Riggs' time in the Army. You might've had the same thoughts as us!

After left unsure about the fate of Amelia and Owen's relationship, we've been dying to see what happens with them! We also get more insight into Megan and her past, leaving us shaken at some of her revelations.

Owen And His Sister Are Adorable


When Megan first came back, we were unsure how we felt about her. She interrupted the blossoming romance of Meredith and Riggs, but she's starting to grow on us. No one can deny how strong their bond is, and it really makes us happy to have her. If anyone deserves happiness, it's Owen!

Riggs Might Not Make The Best Dad


Did you see him completely ignore Farouk? Maybe he wants to be with Megan, but he should be prepared to be a father too! How could you turn away from those big brown eyes?

Farouk Is Our New Favorite Character


When Riggs finds Farouk stressed out over which food to pick, we all wish that was our biggest problem too. Oh, to be a child again! We're also glad to see he's okay after he disappeared out of the blue. Riggs needs to step up his game as a father.

Megan Is A Super Star Surgeon


She saved not only this guy's life, but his arm too! It makes us wonder which sibling is really better the trauma surgeon. Either way, the look of pride on Owen's face was priceless!

Riggs Might Be A Good Father After All


When Riggs confides in Farouk, we finally see potential for him being a great father. They share their love for Megan, and that's really all they need. Will he really be able to provide Megan and Farouk with the new life they deserve, especially after his questionable past?

Did He Really Propose To Her Like That?


Riggs admitted that he proposed to Megan with his side chicks necklace! So now we're wondering why she is going to stay with him? Is it too much to call him a complete liar and a cheater?!

Megan Totally Called Owen Out

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Megan totally called Owen out for cheating on his first wife after he was judging her for getting back with Riggs! It was pretty intense, and she was actually right about what she said. And she cheated on Riggs first anyway! How about that for a plot twist?!

That "Sick" Woman Played Us All!

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We really thought she was actually just an innocent injured civilian this whole time! It turns out she was actually one of the Iraqi shooters who was planted there to attack them. And poor Megan got on that helicopter, no one saw that one coming! Now it all makes sense.

Megan's Little Family Is Just What We Needed


It seems like Grey's Anatomy is always bringing us death and heartbreak. When Megan walks into the room with Riggs and Farouk, we can almost feel the love they feel. It's nice to see finally see a happy couple, especially when Owen and Amelia break our hearts immediately after. But, we can't help but feel super sad for Meredith, especially after ALL. THAT. BUILDUP. Thanks, Shonda. Really.

How did you feel about that ending, Grey's fans?!

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 returns to ABC every Thursday at 8|7c!

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