10 Thoughts We Had During Tonight's Episode Of Grey's Anatomy: 'Ain't That A Kick In The Head'


Check out the 10 most crucial thoughts we had during tonight's episode of Grey's! Shonda has completely rattled us again!

After last weeks episode of Grey's Anatomy Season 14, we were bombarded with brain tumors, death, and heartbreaks. The rekindling between Jo and Alex was the only thing keeping us gripping onto hope for tonight's episode. Although expected, this episode has completely shaken us. Check out our ten most compelling thoughts we had during tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy Season 14-- you probably had the same ones!

April Needs To Lighten Up

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April gets an award for the most awkward doctor on the show. It's like she can never take a joke! Arizona calls her out for it, but we know things will never change!

What The Heck Is Amelia Saying


After her surgery, Amelia starts speaking some strange language. They figure out it's French, and then of course, Maggie of all people is able to communicate with her. Will she ever return to her old self?

Megan, Get Back In The Bed!


When Megan hears news about her son, she jumps up out of the hospital bed to get to him. Thank goodness Meredith swooped in with her wisdom to get her back into the bed. We're reminded of how genuine of a mother, doctor, and person Meredith is!

If Amelia Forgot Derek Died, What Else Did She Forget?

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Amelia seems fine when she tells Meredith and Owen she just had surgery on her brain tumor, but then she drops the bomb. When Amelia asks for Derek, all of our hearts dropped. She eventually remembers what's going on, but what else might she temporarily forget?

Dr. Riggs Is Playing Games


First, we think Meredith is receiving an important call, but it's just Riggs trying to get in touch with her! What's his problem? He is clearly playing games with Meredith, and she is not one to go for that!

Maggie And Jackson Are So Awkward


Aren't they technically brother and sister? Everything about this situation just seems a little weird. If we were to blame anyone for all this tension, it'd have to be Catherine-- she always has to be brutally honest!

What Does Amelia Think Is Wrong?


After we think Amelia is good to go, she can't be so sure. She demands to see her scans, insisting something isn't right. Her recovery just seems way too smooth for something to not go wrong! Shonda loves to break our hearts.

What Is Ben Up To?


Whatever it is, he knows his wife, Dr. Bailey won't like it! After all, they didn't call her The Nazi for nothing! Now, we just can't wait to see what sort of crazy reaction she's going to have to Ben's bombshell.

Where Are They Finding These People?


Okay, the whole episode we've been wondering where the doctors being interviewed by Bailey and Webber came from. They're just so bizarre! Did this woman really just put a dog on the table?

Is This It For Owen And Amelia?


Amelia insists that Owen only love the tumor Amelia, not the new Amelia. We can't help but think this may be true by the way Owen has been acting lately. How will the end of their marriage unfold?

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