10 Funniest Grey's Anatomy Moments, Ranked

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"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

Although it's true times can get sad on Grey's Anatomy, we've gotten our fair share of laughter throughout the years as well. In fact, we're not sure if we've spent more time laughing or crying while staring at the T.V. screen. If Shonda Rhimes knows how to do anything, it's play with our emotions.

Who can blame the doctors for taking some time off for humor? I mean, they see sick patients all day, half of them who don't make it out alive anyway.

We can definitely take the time to appreciate when Grey's is funny, it reminds us that it's alright to take a more lighthearted approach to life and laugh a little bit more. The best moments on Grey's are those ones. We've ranked some of the funniest moments in Grey's history, see if you can agree!

So, don't forget to vote for your favorite and least favorite funny moments on Grey's Anatomy. And if we forgot to include one of your favorites, let us know!

Bartender Cristina

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

Who would have thought we'd see the day that Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) quits surgery to become a bartender at Joe's. It doesn't sound good, but she actually isn't to bad at pouring shots! Although it was just temporary, seeing Cristina get wild behind the bar is definitely a Grey's highlight!

Drunk Baseball

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

We absolutely love when we get to see the doctors doing something other than performing surgeries. When Owen decided to get a baseball game going against Seattle Pres, the doctors came prepared with some liquor. Nothing beats watching the Grey's team, especially Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Cristina, stumble around the diamond playing ball.

George's Syphilis

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

When syphilis plagues the hospital, George O'Malley (T.R. Knight) suffers the consequences. He's first seen naked in the bathtub attempting to diagnose himself, and later receiving an injection which he isn't happy about. We feel bad laughing at poor George's pain, but only a little bit!

Cristina Without Eyebrows

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Prior to her wedding with Preston Burke (Isaiah Washington), her eyebrows are completely gone from her face. Burke's mother decided Cristina needed a makeover which just had to include getting rid of those eyebrows! Seeing Cristina like this is absolutely hilarious, even though she might not think so.

The Full Elevator

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

In the midst of Derek Shepherd's (Patrick Dempsey) player days, he happens to get on an elevator with Meredith, Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), and Rose (Lauren Stamile). Talk about a full house! The elevator doors open to Mark Sloan (Eric Dane) on the other side laughing hysterically. We're with you on that one too, Mark!

Meredith High on Morphine

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

The tables really turn when Meredith ends up in a hospital bed for appendicitis. While she's high on morphine, Meredith is also having a personal debate between Finn and Derek. She even asks Addison about Derek, definitely making things a bit awkward. It's just too funny watching Meredith make a fool out of herself in that hospital bed, good thing she won't remember much!

Callie Dancing In Her Underwear

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

When we see Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez) dancing in the basement of the hospital by herself in her underwear, we don't second guess it too much. However, when Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) walks in on her party of one we couldn't keep it together. Poor Callie definitely doesn't think it's as funny as we do!

5 Second Rule

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

You would think that doctors in an established hospital like Seattle Grace would show maturity when it comes to their work... wrong! During a surgery Meredith drops a kidney on the floor leading into Miranda Bailey's (Chandra Wilson) response, "5 second rule!" Really guys? You know that's an organ not a chicken wing!

Alex's Scream

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

We never really thought we'd get the chance to hear Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) scream at the top of his lungs like a little girl. Thanks to a bear in the woods outside of Derek's trailer, we can't say we haven't! Oh and we cant decide which is funnier-- Alex's scream or his face!

Panty Board

Grey's Anatomy on ABC

After Meredith and Derek had hooked up at the hospital, her panties seemed to get left behind. Long story short, they ended up pinned to the hospital's bulletin board. Some thought it was hilarious, but Bailey had her completely own reaction. She loudly demanded to know whose they were and why they were up there!