Rejoice Plant Killers! Here Are 10 Plants That Don't Require A Green Thumb

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You're pretty much guaranteed to succeed.

10 Plants That Are Impossible To Kill

Let's be honest, a green thumb is a skill that very few of us acquire in this lifetime. However, that doesn't mean we should be deprived the gift of having plants and gardens in our home.

Bringing plants into our environment can purify the air, add positive energy, and make for a wonderful decoration. Any plant parent would agree that their life would be nothing without their green children. You too can become a happy plant owner—green thumb or not!

All of the plants on this list require minimal to no care, making them suitable for any household. Tending to them is virtually foolproof, so you really can't go wrong here!

1. Peperomia

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Peperomia come in a multitude of textures and colors, being able to brighten any room. Medium or low lighting conditions are preferred for survival. Their thick leaves and stems allow for storage of water, so they can go weeks without your attention.

2. Pothos

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This simple house plant makes a great climbing plant or a hanging basket. Their ability to survive in a wide variety of lighting conditions makes caring for it almost foolproof. Plus, the pothos has purifying qualities, allowing them to remove harmful toxins from the air in your home.

3. Snake Plant

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Snake plants are extremely self sufficient, and can survive weeks without your care. That's what makes them the perfect plant for a forgetful plant owner. They are able to survive in homes with very low lighting and with little water. Not to mention, their exquisite design can add liveliness to any room.

4. Peace Lily

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The peace lily is an elegant flower that can easily bring warmth to any home. This plant conveniently lets you know when it's thirsty, dropping its leaves to remind you to water it. Preferring very little sunlight, the peace lily can bring light to even the darkest corners of your dwelling.

5. English Ivy

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All you have to do is plant the English ivy, and it will grow to decorate your walls and furniture. They don't like too much water, so they're easy to care for. Plus, if you ever want to grow another plant, all you need to do is cut off a section of the stem and replant it!

6. Cacti

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Out of all houseplants, cacti probably have the best reputation for sustaining themselves. After all, their native home is the desert! Real talk, cacti come in some crazy, beautiful, and sophisticated shapes and colors, there's no reason not to have one of these in your home.

7. Succulents

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Succulents have become so popular recently due to their indestructibility and dainty designs. They make the perfect accent to any room, kitchen, bathroom, you name it. Their survival is dependent on water every other month and some sunlight. Plus, they're small and cute, perfect for starting a collection!

8. Bamboo

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When potted and brought into the home, bamboo can offer a variety of benefits to your environment. In like with Feng Shui practices, the plant is a living representation of water, wood, and earth elements. As far as care goes, bamboo only requires water and shade.

9. Spider Plant

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Spider plants have been making a statement in homes for decades now. They also work well as hanging plants, if you're really trying to be bold. Able to survive in low lighting, they also send out off-shoots in order to receive the adequate amount of energy.

10. Dieffenbachia

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Having dieffenbachia in your home can add a tropical feel to any environment. Their big, beautiful leaves make for a wonderful decoration. Preferring low lighting conditions, this plant will actually require less water with less light present!

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