10 Best Birthday Gifts For Your Cancer BFF

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Cancer season is here, and this list will have you covered on what you buy your Cancer best friend!!

1. A Beach Towel


One thing a Cancer can't get enough of, especially during the summer, is the water. Whether it's the beach, the lake, or just their backyard pool, a Cancer will be there when they get a moment to relax. A new beach towel would be perfect for your Cancer best friend! They can be inexpensive, and your friend would be excited to pair it with their new summer bikinis!

2. A Flexible Restaurant Gift Card


A Cancer loves to have a good sit-down meal with their friends. They are not picky on the type of food, as long as the atmosphere is pleasant. A gift card that is able to be used at multiple restaurants is perfect for a Cancer because they won't have to limit themselves to a single place.

3. Lipstick


A Cancer loves to express their artsy side, and they are always looking to do so with makeup. A Cancer would love a fresh new lipstick from their best friend to rock this summer! Go for something bright or bold that you know would make your friend stand out!

4. A Novel


As smart as a Cancer already is, they are always looking for new ways to boost their brain. Find out what kind of books you know your friend is already into, and get them that new one that everyone is raving about! Your Cancer BFF will think of you the first time she cracks the spine to her new book, and every time after that!

5. Trendy Earbuds


A Cancer can't get through a long walk or a workout without their favorite music. Replace their old, plain earbuds with a cute new pair that will spice up their outfit and play their favorite artists for them. Your Cancer best friend will love the gift and the thought you put into it, plus it won't empty your wallet!

6. An Inflatable Swan


If your best friend is a Cancer, you know that they love taking pictures. What's cuter for a summer photo shoot than this trendy swan pool inflatable? A Cancer loves to spend their time in or near the water, so this pool inflatable is sure to make that experience much more enjoyable-- all thanks to their best friend!

7. A S'well Bottle


Who knew water bottles could be trendy? Your Cancer best friend would love a cute S'well bottle to take to their workout class, or just for everyday use. The wide range of color and pattern options will allow you to pick one that suits your friend best. They will love it, and will never feel the need to buy plastic bottles again!

8. A Personalized Wine Glass


If your best friend is a Cancer, chances are they loves wine! Red or white, any wine would look cute in a trendy personalized wine glass. You can put their monogram, their name, and some companies even allow you to put a photograph on the glass! Let your creativity run wild with this one-- your Cancer BFF will love whatever you come up with!

9. A Portable Charger


A Cancer loves to keep in touch with the world around them, so that means always being able to use their cell phone. There's nothing worse than having your phone die only halfway through a long day. Make sure your Cancer BFF is always charged up with a trendy portable charger!

10. A Portable Speaker


If your best friend is a Cancer, you already know how much they love music. Portable speakers come in a wide range of prices, and many are even colorful and cute. Your BFF will never have a quiet day by the pool or beach anymore when they get their hands on their new portable speaker!

A Beach Towel

A Flexible Restaurant Gift Card


A Novel

Trendy Earbuds

An Inflatable Swan

A S'well Bottle

A Personalized Wine Glass

A Portable Charger

A Portable Speaker