Quiz: Which Grey's Guys Would You Be In A Love Triangle With At Grey Sloan?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Take this quiz to see which two men you'd most likely get yourself tied up with.

Go ahead and take this personality quiz to determine which Grey’s Anatomy men you would be in a love triangle with!

 Feb 01, 2019

1 of 20Choose your answer!

Who do you prefer to pay when you're on a date?
You expect your date to pay for both of you
You like to split the bill 50/50
You like to pay for everything

2 of 20Choose your answer!

Which hair color do you prefer on a man?

3 of 20Choose your answer!

What sounds like your ideal Friday night date?
A casual drink at the bar
A home-cooked meal
A fancy dinner and movie date

4 of 20Choose your answer!

What type of jewelry do you like to receive from your man?
A ring
A necklace

5 of 20Choose your answer!

You're on a date and it's time for dessert, what do you pick?
Vanilla ice cream
Chocolate cake

6 of 20Choose your answer!

What are your favorite types of flowers?

7 of 20Choose your answer!

What color of wine is your favorite?

8 of 20Choose your answer!

What does your ideal wedding look like?
A small wedding with only family
A large wedding with a fancy ceremony and reception
A medium-sized wedding with close friends and family

9 of 20Choose your answer!

Which physical feature do you notice first in a man?
His smile
His hair
His eyes

10 of 20Choose your answer!

Which first date would impress you most?
A picnic by a lake
An expensive dinner
Bowling and pizza

11 of 20Choose your answer!

What's the best compliment you could receive?
"You are so intelligent"
"You are so much fun"
"You have a beautiful smile"

12 of 20Choose an answer!

What's our favorite way to blow off steam?
Working out at the gym
Having a glass (or two) of wine
Talking about it with someone

13 of 20Choose your answer!

How old do you like the men you date to be?
Older than you
Younger than you
The same age as you

14 of 20Choose your answer!

What size family do you see yourself having?
A small family with one or two kids
Just you and your husband
A big family with lots of kids and cousins

15 of 20Choose your answer!

Which personality trait in a man is most important to you?

16 of 20Choose your answer!

Pick your ideal honeymoon vacation.
A caribbean cruise
A tour through Europe
A hiking trip in the mountains

17 of 20Choose your answer!

It's movie night with your man! What genre do you go for?
Horror or thriller

18 of 20Choose your answer!

What color of eyes on a man are you most drawn to?
Brown or black

19 of 20Choose your answer!

Are you an affectionate person?
Yes, you're very affectionate
No, you're not affectionate at all
Sometimes, with the right person

20 of 20Choose your answer!

Your dream man is picking you up for a date! What type of car is he driving?
A speedy sports car
Anything that isn't flashy
A pickup truck
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