Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Grey's Anatomy Pilot Episode?

Do you think you know the Grey's Anatomy pilot episode well enough to pass this quiz? Go ahead and find out for yourself!

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 Feb 02, 2019
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Question: 1/20Choose the correct answer!

Where do Meredith and Derek first meet?
a bar
the airport
the hospital

Question: 2/20Choose the correct answer!

What is Dr. Bailey's nickname?
The Nazi

Question: 3/20Choose the correct answer!

Meredith's first case involves a girl with unexplained ____________.
heart attacks

Question: 4/20Choose the correct answer!

Ellis Grey suffers from ____________ disease.

Question: 5/20Choose the correct answer!

What is George's nickname?
Frat Boy

Question: 6/20Choose the correct answer!

Who is the head of cardiothoracic surgery at the hospital?
Richard Webber
Derek Shepherd
Preston Burke

Question: 7/20Choose the correct answer!

Where did Cristina go to medical school?

Question: 8/20Choose the correct answer!

Who is the Chief of Surgery at the hospital?
Mark Sloan
Richard Webber
Dr. Bailey

Question: 9/20Choose the correct answer!

Which resident are the new interns working under?
Dr. Bailey
Preston Burke
Callie Torres

Question: 10/20Choose the correct answer!

How is the first patient brought to the hospital?
In an ambulance.
By a plane.
In a chopper on the roof.

Question: 11/20Choose the correct answer!

What first task does Dr. Bailey assign Izzie to?
rectal exams

Question: 12/20Choose the correct answer!

____________ chooses George to scrub in on his appendectomy.
Preston Burke
Richard Webber
Alex Karev

Question: 13/20Choose the correct answer!

Which intern do the rest of the interns watch perform surgery from the gallery?
Cristina Yang
George O'Malley
Izzie Stevens

Question: 14/20Choose the correct answer!

The other interns believe that Meredith has an unfair advantage due to her _______________.

Question: 15/20Choose the correct answer!

Which intern promises a family member that the patient will be fine in surgery?
George O'Malley
Alex Karev
Meredith Grey

Question: 16/20Choose the correct answer!

Who says, "say hello to your competition" to the interns?
Richard Webber
Ellis Grey
Izzie Stevens

Question: 17/20Choose the correct answer!

What does Dr. Bailey warn her interns against interrupting?
Her lunch break
Her scrub in time.
Her nap time.

Question: 18/20Choose the correct answer!

George mentions that he should have got into ____________ rather than surgery.

Question: 19/20Choose the correct answer!

Who makes a quick vomit break in this episode?
Preston Burke
Meredith Grey
Derek Shepherd

Question: 20/20Choose the correct answer!

Which intern has to tell a woman that her husband died on the table?
Alex Karev
Cristina Yang
George O'Malley
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