Quiz: Do You Remember All Of These Grey's Anatomy Cry-Worthy Moments?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

Grab the tissues. You'll need them.

Do you remember all the saddest, most heartbreaking moments of Grey's Anatomy? Take this quiz to find out if you're a real fan!

 Jul 25, 2020

1 of 17What is Izzie wearing while she clings to Denny's lifeless body?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
A prom dress
A bath towel
A bridesmaid's dress

2 of 17What is the name of Jackson and April's son who died shortly after birth?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

3 of 17What does Mark say to Lexie in this scene?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
"If you love someone, you tell them."
"We're gonna have the best life, you and me. We're gonna be so happy."
"I'm flawed, I'm a wreck. But with you, it wasn't a game."

4 of 17Where are Meredith and Derek in this scene?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital
Dillard Medical Center
Seattle Presbyterian Hospital

5 of 17Why is Meredith comforting Cristina?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Cristina's wedding to Burke didn't happen.
Cristina's father died.
Cristina had a miscarriage with Owen's baby.

6 of 17What did George write in Meredith's hand?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

7 of 17Why is Dr. Bailey crying in this emotional scene?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Charles was bleeding out after being shot.
A bookshelf fell on Tuck at school.
Ben decided to move and she knew it was over between them.

8 of 17A ______ accident led to this devastating moment.

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

9 of 17Meredith is reading this heartbreaking letter from whom?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

10 of 17Why is Webber pictured crying at Bailey's wedding?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
Meredith confesses to him that he's like a father to her.
His wife, Adele just passed away.
Maggie told him that he is her biological father.

11 of 17What happened to April?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
She was involved in a car accident.
She was involved in a plane crash.
She was shot.

12 of 17Teddy's husband, Henry died on the operating table. Who was his surgeon?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC

13 of 17Who is George looking at in this scene?

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

14 of 17Who is Cristina operating on at gunpoint?

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

15 of 17Mark requested to be let go if he didn't improve after ___ days?

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC

16 of 17What happened to Heather Brooks?

"Grey's Anatomy" via ABC
She had a heart attack
She stepped through an electrical current
She was impaled by an icicle

17 of 17Who is Meredith crying over?

Grey's Anatomy via ABC
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