Quiz: Can You Pass This Extensive Grey's Bromances Challenge?

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Grey's Anatomy features some of the best bromances on TV. Take this quiz to see if you're a true fan of the show!

 Jul 08, 2020

1 of 17Choose Your Answer:

What do Mark and Jackson call themselves?
The Dynamic Duo
The Plastics Duo
The Plastics Posse

2 of 17Choose Your Answer:

What does Mark ask Jackson to do for him, that ends up backfiring?
Mark asks Jackson to spy on Lexie.
Mark asks Jackson to the lead on a transplant surgery.
Mark invites Jackson on a trip with him.

3 of 17Choose Your Answer:

Who does Derek invite to go on a camping trip with him, before the other men decide to tag along?

4 of 17Choose Your Answer:

Who were the last two guys left from their residency group?
Alex and Jackson
Alex and George
Jackson and George

5 of 17Choose Your Answer:

Derek let ______ live in his trailer.

6 of 17Choose Your Answer:

When Charles and Jackson first arrive to the hospital post-merger, what color scrubs are they wearing?

7 of 17Choose Your Answer:

Who let Jackson crash on his couch for literal weeks?

8 of 17Choose Your Answer:

Who bought a yacht and then invited all the Grey's guys on it?

9 of 17Choose Your Answer:

In what city did Mark and Derek grow up together?
New York
Los Angeles

10 of 17Choose Your Answer:

What did Mark do to ruin his friendship with Derek?
Mark stole from Derek's mother.
Mark slept with Derek's sister.
Mark slept with Derek's wife.

11 of 17Choose Your Answer:

What did Owen and Derek have in common?
Their love for tequila
Their surgical specialties
The Twisted Sisters

12 of 17Choose Your Answer:

Who did Alex confide in at the bar about Jo being committed to psychiatric?

13 of 17Choose Your Answer:

Which male character did George trace his syphilis back to?

14 of 17Choose Your Answer:

What were Derek and Mark's nicknames?
McHottie and McCutie
McSteamy and McHoney
McDreamy & McSteamy

15 of 17Choose Your Answer:

What did Derek do when he discovered Weber was drinking and operating?
Poured him a glass of scotch
Enlisted him in AA
Reported him immediately

16 of 17Choose Your Answer:

What was the last piece of advice Mark gave Jackson?
"Don't let a woman get in the way of your dreams."
"Supporting someone and respecting someone aren't the same thing."
"If you love someone, you tell them."

17 of 17Choose Your Answer:

Where did Owen and Nathan first meet?
Medical school
The army
Grey Sloan Memorial
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