You've Been Peeling Garlic All Wrong: Here's How To Really Do It

Peeling garlic doesn't have to be a chore. Check out these methods to make it easy!

1. The Shake Method

All you need is a glass jar or two bowls that are the same size. Separate the individual cloves, throw them in, and SHAKE! When you're done, your cloves will either be already peeled or very nearly there.

2. The Smash Method

Place the flat side of a garlic clove on your cutting board. Take your knife, in one hand, and lay the flat side on top of the garlic (I like to point the sharp edge away from me). Take the heel of your other hand and slap down on the knife, smashing it against the garlic. The closer the garlic is to the handle (as opposed to the center), the better.

3. The Soak Method

Soak your garlic cloves in warm water for a few minutes. This will loosen things up and the peel will fall off!

The Shake Method

The Smash Method

The Soak Method

Check out this awesome video from ChefSteps for demos!

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