This Simple Hack Will Keep Your Guacamole Fresh and Green FOR DAYS


Or should I say...hack-a-mole??? Get it? Get it?

Things I love about guacamole:
1. Its deliciously creamy, salty, tartness.
2. The way it elevates just about any food it touches (helloooo have you seen what it's done to toast??).
3. It understands me.

Things I don't love about guacamole:
1. It stays fresh and green for about 2.5 seconds.

Seriously. It's impossible to make ahead and have some on hand without it turning brown and old-tasting. Yuck.

But guys there's a way to keep it green AND fresh tasting at home! No need to buy those tasteless single servings any more! No need to eat brown, sad guac any more! You CAN have your guac AND eat it too!!!

Why Do Avos Brown So Easily In the First Place?

Imagine a typical avocado situation:
You use only one half of an avocado for a snack, so you decide to wrap the other half, with the pit still in place, in plastic wrap and stick it in the fridge.
The next day, what do you find?
The avocado flesh covered by the plastic wrap probably has soft, brown spots, while the flesh under the pit is still nice and green.

So, obviously, the pit has something to do with keeping the avocado fresh?
The idea that plopping the pit into your guacamole will keep it green is a myth.
The pit itself doesn't have any anti-brown properties, but it does prevent air exposure to the middle of the avocado when left in place.

Bottom line: avoiding air exposure will maintain freshness for longer.

The Fix

Imagine another typical situation:
You're running late to a potluck and didn't have the time to make anything to bring along. You zip into the grocery store on the way and grab a pre-made seven layer dip and tortilla chips.

There's guac in seven layer dip right? And it's always green right? What's the store's secret?? No air exposure!

The best way to create an air-free environment for your guac involves 3 components:
1. A container with a good sealing lid
2. Pushing all of the air pockets out of the guacamole.
3. Something that you don't mind on top of your guac.

Last week I prepped burrito bowls for lunch on Sunday night. I made my guacamole as usual (using some citrus juice will help keep it fresh as well) and portioned it into separate smaller plastic containers, like these. I used a spoon to smush the guacamole into the bottom of the container, making sure there were no gaps or air bubbles. Then, I spooned enough salsa on top to fully cover the guac! It was green and tasted delicious that Friday!

You can use anything you'd like to top your guac: sour cream, plain Greek yogurt, refried beans, etc. Just make sure there's no room for air to sneak in and ruin everything.

Green guac for days!

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