The Right Way To Mince Garlic

Cut the hassle with these tips.

Mincing garlic doesn't have to turn into a big mess. Here's how to do it properly:


  1. Peel your garlic. Check here for some easy tips.
  2. Cut the garlic length-wise, from root to tip. Make sure to keep the root end intact, just like when cutting the onion. The thinner the slices, the finer your mince will be.
  3. Turn the garlic 90 degrees and cut cross-wise. Again, the thinner the slices, the better.
  4. Cut off and remove the root end.
  5. Continue mincing (if you want a finer end product) by rocking your knife back and forth over your tiny garlic bits.

Pro tip: When mincing in step 5, sprinkle with a tiny bit of salt to prevent the garlic from sticking to your knife.


  1. After you peel the garlic clove, press it between the tines of a fork.
  2. Scrape off the garlic goop, and press again.
  3. Keep pressing until desired texture is achieved.

H/T: The Kitchn


  1. Using a microplane (or the smallest option on your grater), run the peeled clove over the blades for a super-fine mush. Nom.
  2. Be careful! Don't microplane your fingers in with the garlic once the clove gets small.

Now go get your garlic on.

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