Pop Bottles Like A Boss: How To Open A Bottle Of Bubbly

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Because popping a champagne bottle shouldn't also mean sticky floors.

I love champagne. So. Much. The bubbles, the crispness, the light freshness. But I always thought you literally had to pop the cork. This lead to a close call on my wedding day and a bridesmaid who narrowly escaped a black eye (thank God for her ninja-like reflexes).
Luckily for me (and those around me), I learned that there's a fool-proof way to remove the cork without endangering your fellow champ-sippers. No more dodging corks for my friends.


Step By Step

  1. Remove the foil. If there's a little tab embedded in the foil, pull it carefully and the foil should split and unwrap easily. If there isn't an easily-identifiable tab, the knife on your butler's friend should do the trick.
  2. Remove the wire cage that's fitted over the cork. Untwist carefully and lift it off the cork. Careful not to wiggle too much--we're not ready to disturb the cork just yet.
  3. Grab a clean kitchen towel. No, this isn't to clean up the fizzy mess that's about to occur (though...if it does happen...then you're prepared). Cover the cork completely with the towel. Make sure not to have the towel tight against the cork...leave a little pocket of air to give it some room to move. The towel is here to help you control the cork and prevent it from giving your friend a black eye if it doesn't come out smoothly.
  4. Wiggle and twist. Grabbing the loosely-toweled cork with one hand and, with the other hand, holding the bottle firmly, carefully wiggle and twist the cork out of the bottle. While one of my favorite sounds in the world is a popping champagne bottle, if done correctly, the result should be very quiet.
  5. You'll start to feel the pressure of the champagne start pushing on the cork--let this happen. Less work for you. Just keep a tight grip on the towel and the champagne will do the rest.
  6. Enjoy!

*While a shoe certainly works in a pinch, champagne is best enjoyed from a glass.

If You're Not Worried About The Mess...

There really is a way to de-cork with a sword or saber if you've got one lying around. The trick? Hacking along the bottle's seam. Check out this video to learn how:

You know what they say...practice makes perfect.


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